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HIKO Energy

United States

Consumer reviews about HIKO Energy

Oct 2, 2012

Liars! Don't deal with them! Stay away!

Avoid this company at all costs! They will not leave you alone If you’ll ever get in touch with them! Everything they advertise is fake! They lie about their discounts! Everything is really expensive, but you will only find out about it after you’ll make a purchase!

Mar 8, 2013

HIKO Energy is Actually Charging more than 20% camapared to PSE&G

About 9 months ago, I enrolled to HIKO Energy natural gas program when they assured me that their rate will be lower than rate of PSE&G. First few months during the summer when my natural gas usage was very small they charged rate about 2-3% lower than PSE&G rate. After that they are ripping me off when the usage is high during the winter months. They are actually charging more than 20% of the rate of PSE&G. For example, in the latest month I paid $0.66 per therm of natural gas whereas the price of a therm of natural gas from PSE&G, as PSE&G has quoted in the bill, would have been $0.54 per therm.

Raghunath Halder
78 Bowers Street
Jersey City, NJ 07307

Jan 29, 2014

Hiko Electric supplier to high

Hiko electric supplier told me I would have a lower bill if I went with them about 3 months ago. The first month my bill was lower than what PSE&G would have charged and the 2nd bill was higher than PSE&G. I decided to call them in reference to my bill but couldn't get any one on the phone. I started out being caller # 9 to caller # 1. I waited on the phone for 4 hours & no one didn't pick up the phone. I will be switching to a better electric supplier. So, if anyone out there get this supplier knocking on their door tell them to go "kick rocks" lol. Do not take them up on "any" offer. They are a rip off and are not business orientated at all!!! They need to be banned from supplying electric and anything else they are offering to sell......I'm Mad As Hell!!!!!

Feb 12, 2014


they charge out rages prices when you cancel it takes forever our pseg bill went from 80 dollars to 300 hundred dollars they did not save us any money they cost us money that we did not have. something needs to be done about this company

Feb 23, 2014

HIKO Energy

I signed up with HIKO on 6/7/13. I was told they are cheaper than the current company I was with: Direct Energy (whom I had switched to a year earlier and had the same problem though not as significant). My Feb 2014 bill is 3 times higher than usual. I called the customer service number 3 times a day for 3 days and kept getting the same recording--- all operators are busy, will contact you on next business day. They never contacted me. The salesman who signed me up left me his personal card and when I called him, he said he was also ripped off when he signed up for what he thought was a great deal. He said he called PSE&G and they removed HIKO from his utility bill. I will also call PSE&G to see if they can put me in contact with the same service I had for the last 35 before this terrible mess.

Feb 24, 2014

HIKO Energy

HIKO enegy sent representatives and told me that I was with a out of state supplier. They are guaranteed cheaper. I signed up and to receive my recent bill as $868 while I used to receive a bill of $100 of electricty bill! This is so outrageous.

Feb 25, 2014

HIKO Energy

I contracted with HIKO Energy when a nice young woman came door-to-door in April 2013. She had a permit to solicit. She promised that for an entire year my electric bill and gas bill would be less. I started service in June with them. They were right, until October, when the electricity bill started creeping up over what PSEG would have charged. By December my HIKO gas bill was more than twice what PSEG would charge, but the amount was so low I didn't notice ($14.78 for PSEG vs $37.04 for HIKO). In Janaury it was more of a difference ($34.40 PSEG vs $82.90 HIKO) but I didn't notice because it's been SO cold, it seemed right it should be up. This month was the whopper. The PSEG Gas bill would have been $64.91 but HIKO is charging $202.29. On the electricity side, PSEG would have charged $106.83 and HIKO is charging me $284.65.

I called PSEG and had them transfer me back to their regular supplier, but that won't actually take place until mid-March for electricity and mid-April for gas.

I called all the numbers, no answer, leave a message and we'll return your call, but then you can't leave a message because the box is full. I sent an e-mail.

I will be contacting the BBB and the Utilties Authority, but I don't think I'll get very far. Talk about "Let the Buyer Beware"!!!

Feb 25, 2014


Quite frankly I have never been more decieved in my life. Hiko went up and down my street which is predominantly college students and conned all of us into believing they were offering a cheaper price. They lied plain and simple. Its really embarassing when a company's only way to make a profit is to trick unsuspecting college students. I haven't seen a lie such as this since the gulf of Tonkin. I want to compare North Korea to hiko but that would make north Korea look good. Essentially, don't use this company, they are pathetic Scum. Furthermore, id rather suck Hitler's dick then use hiko. If that's not enough reason to listen then I don't know what else I can say.

Feb 25, 2014


Well f*** me sideways and call me a cephalopod. HIKO must love the money it makes, considering it just took $1000 for a monthly energy bill. I was planning on using that money to buy my sick mother her medicine but instead I'm now shopping for a cheap casket. HIKO is a bunch of liars and schemers that want all your money so they can furiously jerk off on a constant basis and just clean it up with all our hard earned cash. They claimed it was due to high demand for energy but the only thing in high demand is the headquarters of HIKO being invaded by a pack of rabid wolverines that will feast on the flesh of a poor janitor caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Is that what you want HIKO? Dead moms, Dead Janitors, and excessive wolverine urine in your buildings? For fs sake I could have gotten heat, electricity, an order or filet mignon with an order of truffles that I'd wipe my ass with for half the price. I literally could have gotten your CEO's wife to blow me and buy ME dinner for that much. Hope you like all that money HIKO, because those hungry children in Africa would probably love it more.

Feb 26, 2014

Liars! Liars! Cheating scammers!

Was phoned about saving on electric bill by changing to hiko as my supplier.Offering a lower rate and also after a year of service to pay for two of my bills.After my first bill my rate was not 1 to7 percent lower than my previous supplier as stated it would be in a welcome letter,but rather doubled. After numerous calls for 2days they called and skirted the complaint,stating the rate is variable not fixed.I stated you welcome letter guaranteed a better rate than my current supplier.The caller stated that if I cancelled it would possibly take up to 60 days to stop.How could that be possible?

Mar 1, 2014


I encountered the same situation as above, the bill from Hiko is too high. Any one any ideas how to avoid this bill? Do i need to pay this thing?

Mar 2, 2014


Is there not an attorney that has got ripped off by HIKO in order to start a class action law suit? Where is Utility Commission?

Mar 4, 2014

high bill

they got my parents in law to switch to them and the worst is that in the contract said that the person signing is authorize to do the switch of companies which is not true my inlaw is not authorize to do it he wrote my wife name on top and he sign it on the bottom isnt that illegal? now we have to pay 900 for our march bill i hope the government get involve on this companies

Mar 4, 2014

HIKO Energy, LLC

HIKO Energy sent a man door to door, he promised that my bill would be less that I am paying. I signed up. and my bill from Jan. was for $ 413 to high and for Feb. was $ 727. This is so outrageos, I am so desperate.

Mar 4, 2014

False promise.

An agent from HIKO promised me me lower cost of energy. Instead my electric bill was $401.00 for February 2014.This same usage would have cost me $157.00 if I had stayed with PSE&G. There is no customer service except for a recording.This is a huge ripoff and those in the public utilities should investigate this blatant fraud that is being heaped upon innocent consumers.How can the government allow such fraud to take place is a mystery! Why should PSE&G cooperate with such a fraudulent company? .

Mar 5, 2014

HIKO Energy, LLC

A representative called back in December about the discount rates they were offering over CL&P. I told them I was staying with CL&P over the phone. When I looked at my bill this month, I see they switched me to HIKO and the rate is much higher than CL&P. I called, but no answer. I've got to get off of this scam as soon as possible.

Mar 6, 2014

want to cancel service with HIKO ENERGY

My 92 year old client started with HIKO energy in Nov. 2013 and was told they would have lower rates. He just received a bill for $261.32 for less than 30 days. We have tried to contact them by phone and receive the same message, or that the mailbox is full and leave a message and they will return the call. Also tried to contact them by their website on the contract papers and windows can't find any such animal. I've already called PUCO and they are checking this all out. I just want to cancel these horrible scam artists. I hope I get to see them on "American Greed" because they are going down!

Mar 7, 2014

Hiko Energy Ripoff

In December a rep from Hiko came to my door and sold me on lower my pseg bill by switching to a local distributor in Teaneck new jersey through Hiko Energry, LLC. My current March bill from pseg is the first bill where their "services" took effect. My bill was over twice as much as my Februrary bill. No change in my heating has taken place with the cold winter we've had. Calling Hiko's number is useless as no one answers and gets back to you. Calling pseg is almost as useless as the rep basically told me too bad we just deliver you chose the provider. In Hiko's terms and agreement the cancellation fee seems ridiculously as they charge you a fee based on the variable fixed rate for your contract term which is 12 months.

Need to cancel immediately, let me know if anyone has had success cancelling thru pseg and returning to their 3rd party supplier or if any cancellation fees have come from Hiko. This is a fuckin crime, do not go with their "services".

Mar 7, 2014

hiko energy ripoff

I signed up with HIko in Oct. 2013 by bill has more than doubled this is this is outrageous ! They should be shut down the call on the phone say the will lower the electric bill my bill was more than $300.00 more than if I stayed with CLP companys should not be able to do this

Mar 10, 2014

$892.21 electric bill for one month

I don't even know where this is going but I'm going to fill out every form I find & call every number to express my disgust with an electric provider who triples a rate in one month. The month is over before you find out we have a problem, we are being ripped off by HIKO Energy. I live on a fixed income & I have read so many other complaints that I just need to say ditto! Is there anyone out there who can help? How can this happen?

jeffrey azzardi
Mar 11, 2014


Mobile home never ever have I received a huge bill such as this 531.86 just sick for others who choice was to change not very happy.

Mar 11, 2014

High Charges all FAKE

HIKO ENERGY has given all incorrect and wrong information and has made the customers sign up for them. They literally knocked the doors and said they are PSEG they need to get signature for moving to local location and signed up. They also said with this signup consumers will have one month free and later since then utility bill is extremely high. If we call the customer care , it goes to voice message and voice message box is always full to leave a message.
IMMEDIATE ACTION TO BE TAKEN BY PSEG to have partnered with them. We need immediate cancellation from this service.

Mar 11, 2014

Hiko Energy

I have the same complaint entirely.. Door to door salesman came around saying "most of the neighborhood" switched to their supplier because it was cheaper. I fell for it. My bill suddenly spiked all the way to $400+ for a small apt. PSEG told me I would have to get in touch with Hiko myself. Of course I could not reach them by phone. So I e-mailed Hiko a week or so ago and THEY ACTUALLY RESPONDED just this week.

They wrote:

"We do apologize you are having a difficult time trying to reach one of our customer service representative.

The supply is the actual energy being used according to the readings that the utility company provides from the meter. The delivery portion comes strictly from the utility company. Once the utility company does a reading on the meter. They would let the supplier know of the amount of energy that was used for both the gas and the electricity and we forward the rates.

The rate that we offer is a variable rate. Unfortunately, due to the big increase in the cost of the energy, our rate has gone up. Although we can't guarantee savings every month, it is always our intention to do so. On a variable rate there will be times we can be higher or equal to the utility company’s rate.
The variable rate is determined by HIKO Energy, based on numerous key factors, including current market conditions and climate.

We were informed by PSEG to cancel both the electricity and natural gas account as of 4/8/2014. You will receive a letter confirming the cancellation."

....what about some reimbursement? what about cancelling my service NOW, NOT NEXT MONTH?!?!?

Mar 11, 2014

300%increase in rates during winter

Rate went to 29.90 per unit instead of the 10.70 that they charged during the promotional period. Thus my bill triple in January and February. Customer service box is full called sales and they state promotion is over and now rates increase based on what they can charge. Cancellation takes 60 days so I expect to get rip off again. What to do? Need a Class Action lawsuit.

Mar 12, 2014

HIKO Energy scam!!!!

Avoid, Avoid, Avoid them!!!!!!!! My February bill is $180.33. Im in shock!! The bill amount should be around $89.00 with ConEdison.
They came to my house 3 months ago, my husband was home, opened door, they said that they doing review of services, talked a lot about things average person would never undestand. My husband is not fluent in English, he called me and I told him to kick them out. It took for him some time to try to stop the conversation on a polite note and finally they left, letting him to sign like they said (or he undestood) the questionary. My husband put the bills back to the drawer and forgot about the whole thing.

And sudennly I discovered February bill, went to my neigbours - they have no problem, but we noticed there isHIKO supplier on the my bill. After further investigation I realized that it's a third bill already from them (I did not notice December and January since it's a holiday season, lots of lights, bills always high). But after taking a closer look even these months HIKO charged are very high, higher then usual!!!!

Called ConEdison, they cancelled my account with HIKO already.

Finally reached HIKO - complained, told them I will sue them in Small Court, and want my money back (whatever I overpaid) . The girl said she will contact the suprviser and will call me back.
Will wait for the result!!!

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