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Consumer reviews about gigats.com

Feb 19, 2013

job scam, beware and never deal with them!

if you are looking for a job - avoid gigats.com at all costs! I wasted my money with them, they offered me to help a find a job and i had to pay for all the paperwork. After I paid they started to ignore me and I never received any help. This is just another scam, be careful and better stay away from these people!

Jun 13, 2013

positive feed back!

i absolutely love gigats.com! they actually helped me to become employed. I was unemployed for 6 months when i stumbled across gigats.com. unsure of what they were all about i call and spoke with an employment specialist she took down my qualifications, and set me up with their JOB OF THE DAY service and it was a great help. i landed a great position in less then a month. obviously they cant do the work for you, but they sent me jobs that i was actually interested in, and in my area not any bs job across the country! not only did they help me to find a great career but they were also able to let me speak with an education specialist to help me get information on a degree that in this economy i so badly needed!!!! and to top it all off this service is 100% FREE!!!!!!!!BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME!!!

boss man
Sep 27, 2013

They are trying to sell college

They are not honest. They have an agenda that they try to hide until they feel as if they have enough of your personal information. They misrepresent themselves and lie about their connections and affiliations. I think that all positive posts about them were generated by them. stay away from them.

Dec 20, 2013

They don't do what they say

After spending 25 mins on phone with them they said they would send me three job matches a day. well so far all they did was try to send me to school. I just need to find a job and this is not the site for that. avoid them like the plague.

Mar 16, 2015

A Complete Waste of Time

I was scheduled for an interview thinking that it was related to a job I applied for online. I could tell very soon that I had been deceived and that all they wanted to do was to sell education programs. I talked to two different interviewers. At least when you would get calls from these people in the past they were honest about presenting their programs. This organization is very deceptive in that they try to make you believe that they are there to help you get a job. Nothing was mentioned about the job I had actually applied for. I knew I had been had.

Mar 24, 2015

Never mentioned the job I applied for

I put in information, sent a resume, and set up an interview. I called a number and spoke with a guy. I thought it was an automated computer by the way he began the call, but he laughed, and I figured a computer would not laugh, so we talked and he asked probing questions about my job search, said he wanted to help me find a job and I would get a job in 30 days if I made sure I didn't put anything on my resume to misrepresent myself, was willing to follow up with their job of the day listings I'd get each day, and I forgot the third thing. He asked if I could an education that would not interfere with work, or home, would I do it. I said yes, but as he discussed education, I told him, I'm only interested in education an employer wants me to have, not an education to get skills that will make me look for other employment after getting that employment. I NEED A JOB, I'm not trying to get a job to use their salary to get an education to get a job. Once I get the job, I'm likely to stay there and get the education that job requires.
Seems the conversation turned there, he apologized for misleading me and said he'd stay in touch with the job of the day e-mails.
I don't have an opinion yet

Apr 30, 2015

GIGATS is just a glorified SCAM

I just got off the phone with some guy named ( WILL ) as soon as I heard him I knew this was not above board. The guy seem like he was reading a script with the aim of enrolling me in College, mind you I told him I already have a Associates Degree so I am more than qualified for the job I applied for.

He just simply ignored what I asked and kept telling me about enrolling for my Bachelor degree, again I asked about the Job with Rex Hospital, he said he would send me some emails with the information and quickly went back to the College topic.

This company is a College recruitment company in disguise there are no jobs to be had, it is just (bait N switch) so do your yourself a favor and stick to Indeed.com.


unhappy with gigats
Jun 11, 2015


It's so funny, that others tell of this Will at gigats, which is the same person who "talked down to me" on the phone the time I spoke with him.

Not only did I never receive a job of the day, I complained to their customer support team and was redirected to finish my profile? My profile was already done.

This company is not above board in that all they want to do is to get you to a recruiter for a school.

The guy didn't even listen to what I had to say and he passed on wrong information to the next person I spoke with.

Such a waste of time! They hijack you when you try to apply for a job.


Jul 29, 2015

Gigats is scam

I called at time of scheduled phone interview. Twice the supposed person asked if I could hear him. When I asked him to repeat the third request he asked if I could hear him. I then asked if I am talking to a real person. I asked this question three times and then he hung up on me. I believe I was talking to a computer, not a real person.

Aug 5, 2015

They only want to ask questions

I just spoke to a man named Will from gigats. He started out by saying that he would interview me for 25 minutes. I agreed and he began firing away with questions. About five minutes into the conversation I asked Will what gigats was an acronym for. Suddenly he couldn't hear me and his side of the phone line went silent. This is quite a mystery! I can't imagine that my question was so difficult. Anyone know what gigats stands for?

Aug 6, 2015


Looking for a job that i might be interested in from the website gigats.com thought I was getting a call back for an interview
but instead it was a guy name Will from Gigats said he could get me a job and he was good at his job.
but he also would not let me off the phone until I had talked to one of the associates to further my career and signing me up for a course on line, I felt like I was force into it. I do not like pushy people.

Aug 14, 2015

Big Scam..............

I had signed up for gigats for a job position, a guy by the name of Will Sanchez called & gave me a "Pre-screening' for the upcoming "interview call" I was supposed to receive an hr later................well here it is 2 1/2 hrs later & still NO CALL!!! I waited up for nothing, then it got me thinking, maybe this site is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, that's when I arrived to the scam advisor site to see if gigats was legit, & of course it turns out a lot of others have been affected by this same site as well!! I appreciate all the reviews, so I went back to change the whole profile & unsubscribed myself out of that crap....................that's just ridiculous!! Anyway, be careful out there w/ these scammers for they have nothing else better to do!!

Aug 14, 2015


Well, just as I thought ! A scam. Shame on them for people trying to find honest work. I wonder if the companies they say they represent know what they do???? I hung up after 5 mins.

Aug 21, 2015


The first min of the conversation.... I thought I was talking to a voice machine soooo fake... And yes it's the same "WILL" guy. This person starts off with finding a job in 2 months.. Very persistent on furthering my education and very persistent on having a higher degree level... Never spoke about jobs and was just continue to ask me questions about education. It was the same cycle for the past 30 minutes of the conversation but never spoke about any jobs or the job position that was available. Every time I change the subject about the jobs it seems like I was ignored me and continue reading the script. Once he transfer me to a different person I immediately noticed this was A FAKE SCAM. IT'S ALWAYS GOOD TO SEARCH ONLINE ABOUT THESE WEBSITES.. THEY'RE TRYING TO FIND DESPERATE PEOPLE LOOKING FOR JOBS. AND MAKE THEM WASTE TIME. I IMMEDIATELY MADE AN EXCUSE AND HUNG UP ON THEM.. SO EVERYONE OUT THERE WHO'S LOOKING FOR A JOB WILL EVENTUALLY FIND ONE WITHOUT ANY FAKE PROFESIONALS. LETS NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION TO THESE PEOPLE AND GIVE THEM A FAKE EMAIL JUST IN CASE WE BECOME VICTIMS OF THE SCAMMERS. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE:)

Aug 24, 2015


I thought that I was signing up for a job also but Will was also just talking about my education. No thank you so i just unsubscribed!

Sep 4, 2015

Robotic Scammers

"WILL" does not seem to be a real person at all, but just a sophisticated robotic voice recognition software engine designed to deceive you into thinking "will" is a real person. Very impersonal, very deceptive. The gaps in the conversation did not seem natural to me at all. I even asked if this was a robo call and he replied that he is sorry if he seems scripted, then went on to ask questions about my education which i told him I was not interested in at the moment. The job I applied for was never really mentioned other than in the text message i received that asked me to call in the first place. I already had a hunch this was a bunch of crap and a possible scam, but I called because I didn't want to miss a possible opportunity AND I wanted to find out for sure what this gigats.com is all about so i don't waste anymore time with them. Well, it is a waste of time and it is a scam for diverting job seekers into buying an education. I cant imagine any "company" being so low as to scam job seekers out of the precious little money they have while seeking employment

Nov 21, 2015

Big Scam

This Will guy is a total scam. Sounds like a robot so I asked if I was talking to a human being and turns out he said yes. All he wanted to talk about was getting was getting me enrolled in school. So he transfers me to someone else and I told them I wasn't interested and he told me to quit wasting his time and hung up on me. How rude. Then the they had the gall to send me a email and asked why I quit the interview with them when they hung up on me. STAY AWAY FROM GIGATS.

Feb 11, 2016

What About the Job??

After reading the other complaints, mine is about the same. I submitted my resume for a position at American Airlines. I received an email & text to call a number for an "interview". I spoke to Corey and he was a real guy. He spoke of the position I applied for about the length of a :30 commercial. After that it was ALL about going back to school and pursuing a degree. I kept going back to the job posting that I thought the call was about and he assured me that his priority was to help me find a job and went right back to pushy questions about why and when I would go back to school. I answered his questions about why and when going back to school would be a reality but he didn't like my answers. He became belligerent so I ended the phone call.
Don't think Gigats has a thing to do with helping anyone find a job. One of the first things he mentioned was that he was helping me for free..... that was my first red flag.

Mar 30, 2016

Waste of TIme

I had contact with Gigats.com last year while searching for a job. It was a total waste of time. I set up an appointment for a phone interview, thinking they were a recruiter. Just like the experience of other reviewers, the person I spoke to was just trying to sell me more education. The fact that I already have a Bachelor's degree and 30 years of work experience be damned. He insisted I would need to go back to technical school and get a legal or medical secretary certification even to get an entry level job since the market is so competitive. Sorry, I think my present education and experience trumps that. He then told me they would be sending me the jobs of the day via email and this would help get me a position in 30 days. When I received the email it featured the same jobs pulled from Monster, Indeed, etc. that I was already getting sent daily to me directly from those job search sites. So who needs Gigats? It's not like they were giving you a leg up on getting an interview with any of these companies. Literally 20 minutes after I hung up with them I got a call from a recruiter at a local college. I told her I already had a degree and did not need another. I quickly unsubscribed from the Gigats email alerts. Shame on them for pushing education on people who are looking for work and preying on their desperation. More than likely these people need jobs yesterday. They need money coming in, not going out and for most of them more education is probably not realistic anyway. If they're not working, how are they expected to pay for it?

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