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Consumer reviews about Freightliner

Dec 27, 2011

Avoid Freightliner Smart Shift Transmission!

We bought 4 trucks with the same type transmission and 3 of them have gone out now and all have been around 200, 000 miles. This seems like more than just a simple coincident.

Dec 28, 2011

Avoid Freightliner Smart Shift Transmission!

Engineered obsolescence, perhaps??

Dec 28, 2011

Avoid Freightliner Smart Shift Transmission!

Very astute observation boots. Just like the planned obsolescence of appliances and electrinics.

Dec 7, 2012

worst auto repair ever

This is the worst repair service ever! I took my car there to fix the transmission but during the repair they damaged the electronics and refused me to fix their mistake! Moreover, there is the most rude service and very unethical workers. I will never go back!

Jan 2, 2013

Freightliner Cascadia 2012

Purchased a new 2012 Cascadia.
A/C stopped working. No problem took to dealer in French Camp CA.
Found out that a bolt holding the condenser had come loose and wore hole in it.
Well, not OK, seems that Freightliner does not know how to use locktight to keep bolts tight.
Was told it was a mainanance issue and my problem.
So I asked to see where it recommended checking/retightening bolts in service book.
Was also told it was a common problem with this vechicle. OK, if that's true, how come I was not made aware of this?
I guess it's the dealers way of making money.
So much for having a Freightliner warranty!
Maybe Kenworth next time?

Nov 1, 2013

Freightliner Cascadia 2012

2012 Freightliner Cascadia As a Small Business Owner/Driver it was my Dream to buy a new truck, have owned 2 other used trucks and wanted decrease my time in a repair shop and to use that money for a larger truck payment. I researched lots of brands. I found that the newer trucks had more frills on them, and that I didn't need them. So when I found this truck listed on Truck Paper I contacted Randy at Truck Country in Iowa. We made a deal, I got the truck loan and picked up the new truck. It was beautiful and was more then I expected, then this all happened:
3/26/13-Put $1000.00 down to hold truck. Randy Truck Country Iowa
3/27/13-Signed loan paperwork
4/01/13-Picked up truck in Des Moines, IA (550 miles) swapped 09' Pererbuilt.
4/01/13-Got Vin# Inspection and paid sales tax of $2,392.92 to Morgan County Clerk. Unable to get title receipt due to dealership not sending all paperwork. They wanted title for 09' Peterbuilt. Had to get temp plate. Had to buy 3 permits at 60.40 per trip in and out of New Mexico.
4/02/12-Took truck to Transwest in Denver to have passenger side wheel seal leaking, repair# 186226, mileage 2,440.
4/07/13-Making run to Alb. NM when I noticed the speedometer and odometer was not working properly, needle was swing back and forth. Dropped trailer and drove to repair shop
4/08/13-Tech looked at truck. repair#SS20084394, mileage 3,448.
4/09/13-Tech thought that speedometer sensor not working properly. Changed sensor. took for test drive-FAILED
4/10/13-Waiting for tech. Tech contacted Cummins tech and got approval to change the ECM
4/11/13-Changed ECM and took for test drive-FAILED
4/12/13-Tech working with tech support, noticed wiring harness and some broken wired. Fixed with a overlay. Took for test drive-PASSED
4/13/13-Repair shop wanted to keep truck for 4-6 weeks until wiring harness came in. I am a independent trucker, there is no way that I could afford to down for 4-6 weeks. Contacted FTL helpline, they stated that they were unable to help. So I contacted Randy and he was able to work with another manager and they stated since the overlay was working that it was released. Alb. NM wanted me to bring truck back to them so they could install wiring harness to get paid for warranty work. After multiple calls to FTL help line, Randy and Jerry manager at Transwest in Denver, everyone agreed that since I live in Denver it could be repaired in Denver. Was happy to get out of that Hell Hole of a repair shop. For the down time that week had to cancel 3 runs and lost $4300.00. It also cost me $186.20 for the room and $77.00 dollars for meals.
4/26/13-Driver side wheel seal leaking, took to Transwest in Denver. repair#187239, mileage 8644. they also repaired some missing bolts on the left bumper support bracket and left fairing on rear sleeper. The bolts that put on were not the proper bolts, just some bolts they found. Parts department closed. the bolts should of been stainless steel. Mentioned to them that something was wrong with CB wiring or antenna's. Just bring it back in next time your in town.
4/27/13-Dropped truck off at Transwest in Denver. Repair#187381, mileage 9,584.
4/28/13-Repair tech called and stated that he checked SRW meter and connections-GOOD. Asked if this CB was factory installed. No I installed the CB, but all wiring and antenna's are. Tested CB-GOOD. Tech disassembled CB and adjusted the VR6 settings to Cobra's specs. Reinstalled and tested, working properly per tech. Picked up truck before leaving on the next run. Checked CB still not working right. Went in and stated that CB still not working properly. Then they charged me $298.93, because that they decided that it wasn't a problem with the wiring or the antenna's it was my CB. My CB didn't cost $300.00 so why would I pay that to have it fixed and it still didn't work. Talked to them and asked if I could take to a CB shop and have them check it out, and if they find the problem you will pay me back and pay the CB shop. Let us know.
4/30/13-Took truck to Summit Radio Inc., they tested antenna's, tested BAD. Tester SWR it was HIGH. Replaced 2 antenna's and CB now working. Cost $72.41, but the VR6 settings need to be readjusted per tech.
4/30/13-Took my truck back to Transwest in Denver, and showed them paperwork from Summit Radio. Jerry the manager would not reimburse the charge on the credit card because tech did the work and didn't believe that the antenna's are bad so he would not reimburse the visit to the CB shop. I was mad that they wanted me to pay for work they did not fix the problem and then did not believe me thought I was a liar. I went out to my truck and called my Credit Card company and put a dispute against payment. They called Jerry and we had a very heated conversation. It would take a 120 days for the dispute to work out. on my way home got a call for Will Schafer called and he over heard me talking to Jerry and telling him about poor service and no customer service. he reimbursed my credit card back.
5/13/13-Called Transwest to see if they have received the wiring harness-no.
5/30/12-When I bought this truck I was under the impression that it was Clean Aire Certified for CA. Talked to Randy in Iowa, he stated that he would pay half of the bill to have it certified. Took my truck to Transwest in Denver to have the program installed. Called on 5/31/13 to see if truck was done. Now just starting to work on it. Asked when it will be done, tomorrow. Called on 6/1/13, program installed but no sticker, should be in today. May pick up truck and will notify you when sticker is in. Found out that their was a recall update and no charge. Dallas still has not notified us if sticker has come in,(6/13/13)
6/01/13-Picked up truck from Transwest, on my way to Dallas. Engine trouble came on. around 3:30am on 6/2/13, the truck had a dead throttle pedal and wouldn't accelerate. At 6:15am able to pull off side of road.
6/02/13-Contacted closest Freightliner repair shop. Unable to get roadside assistance, it is Sunday, so they sent out a tow truck from Amarillo TX.. Repair#29016, mileage 16,381. They were unable to look at truck until 6/3/13 in the afternoon.
6/03/13-Looked at truck, need to wait for tech and 6/04/13.
6/04/13-Contacted Randy in Iowa and let him know is broke down again. Notified him that repair shop did not want to start looking at my truck until 6/06/13. Told him that was unacceptable, it was bad enough that I had to have somebody else pick up the reefer that I was hauling and have them take to Dallas TX. Randy made some phone calls and got them to look at the truck on Tuesday afternoon. Lodging was $58.00, food was $21.00 and accessory was $28.00. Another $4000.00 dollars lost while truck broke down, had to cancel 2 more runs.
6/05/13-Tech worked on truck and stated that they did multiple tests and for a few broken wires on wiring harness. Repaired and was back on the road late afternoon. Drove about 60 miles and engine trouble light back on. Called Transwest in Denver to let them know that light on again and I was going to drive as long as I can, and hopefully will make it.
6/06/13-Dropped truck off at Transwest in Denver. Asked them if they have received the wiring harness? No, have not, will try to locate.
6/07/13- I called repair shop in Alb. NM and they had wiring harness. Why harness was to be shipped to Denver? How long have they had it? Asked them to ship to Transwest in Denver, stated "No, manager out sick." Called Randy in Iowa, he called and demanding that it to be shipped overnight to Transwest in Denver, CO.. Randy called me back and told me they should receive on harness on 6/08/13 by 10:00am.
6/08/13-Called repair shop to see if they received wiring harness. "No, didn't come in shipment. Will not get until Monday. Had to call and cancel another run, lost another $3100.00.
6/10/13-Transwest called, received wiring harness. Will start working on it.
6/11/13-Transwest called, harness in and no engine trouble light.
Wow, if I knew that buying a new truck would be like this I would have never bought one. This has been hell! Do not understand how this could happen with a new truck. I know that I am not a fleet owner, but I should of had respect from everyone who dealt with this repair. It only had 3448 miles, has been is shop multiple times and took over 2 months to repair. How poor customer service was with all repair shops and how poorly I was treated. If anybody would ask me if I would buy another Freightliner, I would have to say no with this disastrous experience. I can not believe that you would let this happen to anybody and not offer to help in anyway. I had to make lots of calls and spend lots of time to get anything to happen. Randy from Truck Country and Will from Transwest are the only employee's that helped.
I want you to know that "I have No confidence in this truck, I don't have any Faith that this truck is not going to breakdown again." I bought a freightliner because it was American made and that we our proud to buy "Made in America". My reputation had been damaged and now I have to work extra hard to rebuild that. I am now behind, have lost $11400.00 of pay because I could not make the runs so I didn't get paid at all and now will have to try to make that up. Not sure that will ever happen. Plus I had to put out over $500.00 for permits, lodging, and travel expenses.(6/2014)
I have sent this letter to Iowa and they have no response. Went to Cummins to get Clean aire Idle sticker,
It is October and I am still having issues with this truck. At least one to two times a week my truck has no throttle control, sounds like the engine is coming apart and violently shaking. Most times I have to pull off road and shut down the truck at least 30 minutes then restart to see if it is still acting up. Have notified Freightliner and they say since it has no check engine light on it is OK.. They tell me to run it until it dies then bring it in. Oct.25, 2013 made appointment with Rocky Mountain Cummins. they did a troubleshoot session and ran a regen unit through a fault code. Found Turbo Actuator failed and that the turbo sector shaft was hanging up. Replaced Turbo and Turbo Actuator. Took truck out next night, had the same problems. Invoice# 001-77718
Oct. 31, 2013 truck back at Cummins. today they found something wrong with a injector.

Ed Lopez
Jun 15, 2015


Anybody out there having problems with the muffler system Freightliner calls the "One Box", I call it something else. Had five replaced on one truck in the last one and one half years.

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