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Fred Siller

United States

Consumer complaints and reviews about Fred Siller

Dec 18, 2011

Fred Siller

Show me a picture of his lifeless corpse.
Dec 18, 2011

Fred Siller

Whatsa matter, Fred, business getting a little slow for you? The noose she is a tightening around your neck.
Dec 18, 2011

Fred Siller

I just checked out the New Life Medical Tourism Group website in detail. Lorena's son Zack Burns from god knows what, 3 marriages ago, is the website's designer. It's another Fred Siller crock, people wanting to get their operations in the cocaine capitol of the world and convalesce on the sunny beaches nearby. Give me a break.

So now I guess I've driven Fred to his death. What did he do, fall into the Grand Coulee Dam? Would be nice if Lorena could disassociate Fred's name from all of their scams, however their own names (Lorena Ortiz Siller and Zack Burns) are not exactly honorable monikers are they. Oh, yes, I am Russell Saupe and my wife, whose name is not Elizabeth, is not on dialysis and neither of us has had hepatitis that we caught from midgets. We have no son named Timmy nor a dog named Lassie.
Dec 18, 2011

Fred Siller

I've seen his various web pages for the New Life Medical Tourism Group, designed by Fred's stepson Zack Burns. The same Zack Burns that trashed Mike Cunningham's condo over at Mariner Bay in Fort Pierce when he and his mother and his step dad were evicted.

The fact that Zack Burns' name is associated with the website makes it as phony as hell. I think it would be nice if Lorena could disassociate all 3 of their names with their furure scam endeavors but the fact of the matter is their reputations precede them every which way they turn.

Sorry Jutters, my wife's name is not Elizabeth and we don't have a son named Timmy or a dog named Lassie.
Dec 24, 2011

Fred Siller

Well tell me now, Fred & Lorena...is it still spreading around the world?

I'm talking about the 5 or more internet ripoff businesses you operate. You accuse me of being on Oxycontin, belonging in Belleview, and many other things. But putting you out of business permanently is something that I personally enjoy.

You were told to get out of my condo when you fell way behind in the rent. This was after you lied to me about a rent check being in the mail. Then you refused to leave my condo until I threatened you with physical violence. Then you left the place a mess and stopped payment of your final check. You had your chance to do things right by me, instead you alienated the one person in this world you don't want to alienate. So take your lumps like a man instead of like a wussie.

You ain't seen nothing yet.
Dec 30, 2011

Fred Siller

Here's another earlier internet scam devised by Fred:


He recruits you as an affiliate to sell these fake "million dollar bills" which serve as business cards with any kind of message that you want to print on the back. But if it was a legit business why would Fred give the sales away to an affiliate? Why not print and sell these bills himself? But for a fee (always for a fee) Fred gives you the promotional materials you need and a short list of bogus leads, then he takes a powder, with your money of course. So you've paid several hundered dollars to get started in what you thought might be a lucrative business and find that it's worthless. Dont believe me? Contact Fred and find out!
Jan 3, 2012

Fred Siller

I would like to thank the owners of this website and similar websites including The Ripoff Report for helping to expose these 2 low-lifers for the ripoff scumbags that they are. Because this webpage is so highly visible on GOOGLE, YAHOO, LYCOS, AOL SEARCH, WEBCRAWLER, ASK.COM, EXCITE, BING (msn), GO-INFOSEEK, DOGPILE etc. these 2 thieves have no where else to turn on the internet.

It seems as if the Siller family's entire livelihood is based on exploiting or stealing from people who are disadvantaged, the downtrodden who are looking for a better job or a better way of life and all Fred and Lorena Siller can do is come along and steal from them. How can one supposedly legitimate family be involved in so many industries? medical tourism, Latin American clothing, cash gifting???

Just punch in the names Fred Siller, Frederico Gustavo, Federico Gustavo, Lorena Siller, Lorena Ortiz, Lorena Kay, Lorena Stiekman, Lorena Burns and Zack Burns into any of these search engines and you'll see that they are exposed to the world. It will soon be time for them to work for a living, or resort to a continued life of crime away from the internet. They'll probably end up in prison. Ditto the names of their various scams like NEW LIFE MEDICAL TOURISM GROUP, CRUISE2CASH, ROADMAP TO RICHES, PROFIT WITH FRED, UMGROUP, UNLIMITED MONEY GROUP, HAND OF HEAVEN, MYMILLIONBILLS.COM and last but not least FRELO LATIN WEAR. Any prospective sucker who punches any of these names or aliases or web-scams into just about ANY SEARCH ENGINE will soon find out about Fred and Lorena Siller.

Oh, and by the way, I have never personally fallen victim to any of their internet scams, but I did have the misfortune of renting my old condo to them, which I have since sold. But then this is what happens to people that are kicked out of my condo and they refuse to leave. These so-called hi-lifers couldn't even afford summertime rent ON THEIR OWN HONEYMOON. Some might say, let God punish them, they'll have to answer to him eventually. I say, Fred, I'm gunning for your ass right here, right now.
Jan 12, 2012

Fred Siller

Tell me Fred Siller, Frederico Gustavo, Lorena Siller, Lorena Ortiz-Siller, Lorena Kay, Lori Stiekman, Lori Burns or whatever name(s) you are going by this week...If Frelo Latin Wear or the New Life Medical Tourism Group are in any way honest, legitimate businesses why don't you have a mailing address that is an actual building where you work instead of a Goin Postal PO Box ???
Jan 17, 2012

Fred Siller

We've posted Fred Siller's mug all over the place, but what about the lady who likes to spend that stolen cash just as much as Fred. So let's hear it for the hostess with the mostest, Lorena Kay Ortiz Burns Stiekman Siller
Jan 29, 2012

Fred Siller

Here's the actual webpage where Fred and Lorena try to recruit you as an affiliate-agent.


Notice how she spells the words PRESSURE, NOTIFICATION, AND REFERRAL.

This is a Rhodes Scholar chick if there ever was one.
Jan 29, 2012

Fred Siller

Click on that photo above and behold her raw beauty and that FreLo Latin Wear clothing...another one of their scams.
Feb 14, 2012

Fred Siller

BTW Freddie, I forgot to mention, your thieving old lady really has a fine set of choppers.
Mar 13, 2012

Fred Siller

Everyone should also be aware of another internet financial scam company that Fred Siller operates. It is called the Unlimited Money Group. According to these hokie videos he has placed on YouTube.com he has these computers stationed all around the world that somehow generate bundles of cash...he doesn't explain how this happens very well in his videos but he wants you to call him and for a fee (always for a fee) Fred will be happy to show you. Send this guy money and you will never see it again. Just go to YouTube and punch in Unlimited Money Group and you can see the videos. Some of them originate from beautiful Cartegena, Colombia. Can't believe some folks are stupid enough to fall for it.
Mar 14, 2012

Fred Siller

Have noticed that Fred (Frederico) has about 9 videos on YouTube.com under the name Unlimited Money Group where he is trying to sell some cash generating system where you supposedly make thousands per day. The videos are incoherent as hell and couldn't convince an idiot to participate. It's just another Fred Siller crock. You can go visit Fred at his Cartagena condo on YouTube if you want.
May 20, 2012

Fred Siller

Be advised that the scam listed above, New Life Medical Tourism Group, now calls itself the De Varano Medical Tourism Group or in Spanish ……De Varano Medico. But it’s the same pathetic scam operated by Fred Siller and Lorena Siller. And it’s still being pushed on the WordPress.com website. They recruit you as an agent affiliate to sell medical tourism services but have no connection to doctors or dentists or hospitals. It’s still a $600 ripoff.

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