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Feb 1, 2012

Steroids Scam Fraud Beware

Update from Mick Hart The Steroid Guru

I receive so many incoming mails with regards to steroids suppliers on a
daily basis and I try to answer them as carefully and as accurately as
possible, for obvious reasons. The problem lies with the areas that
certain people live in, nationally and especially internationally so
great care has to be taken when guiding the individuals as you can

However, there are more and more people being scammed right, left and
centre with no exceptions as there are no set rules, and these are now in
the main originating from the former Eastern bloc countries that we have
now as friends and allies in some cases.

Unfortunately there are those that do not see it as chance to make
friends and offer a decent service, but one to scam you for your money
and sell bath tub produced, clinically inferior gear which is potentially
dangerous in oh so many ways. There is not much in the way that we can do
to stop this within our own abilities, but there are ways to protect
ourselves by:

Sharing information of rogue companies - Holding our own fort -
Looking after our own and Sharing information about GOOD companies

Okay, I appreciate that there are not many good companies around, most of
them disappeared along with the good gear years ago, but there are still
a few I can assure you of that.

Counterfeit gear will always be a problem, in fact I know that it reached
a peak 4 or 5 years ago that I found absolutely unbelievable to be honest,
then it seemed to drop away for a reason that we are currently
experiencing now. How? Well the counterfeiters in some way or another
melted away once the good generics started to hit the streets. Let me
explain what a generic actually is.

The word 'generic' does not mean that the product is fake, it actually
means that it can be any product, food, cosmetic or DRUG that is sold in
a package without a brand which is totally different to the word
‘counterfeit’ which means basically that it is meant to be passed off
fraudulently as a copy. I appreciate that we could have both in some ways
but the reason for my explaining this as I am is that there is so much
difference in the two as I know of today.

The counterfeit gear these days is actually getting less and less simply
because of the costs involved to make the stuff. Whereas the generics
that have hit the streets these last 2-3 year years, have in so many
cases proven to be in way better than the original. It is not so much as
a surprise at all because I have even had chats with certain
representatives of these actual companies and their outlook was and is
good for us.

After so many tests and trials we can actually say that is the case. I
have this last week alone seen good old Dynabolan in a 150mg format
return far better than the last time we saw it and that must have been 12
years or more! It never went away, per se’, it just needed a couple of
reputable companies to realise that there is an obvious market for
certain gears that were sorely missed. By doing this, these reputable
pharmaceutical companies have inadvertently helped to cut the
counterfeiters out of the market. Good news for us - bad news for them.

Heptylate was a steroid that I used to use on a regular basis simply
because it was one of the best gears that I had ever used way back, and
then all of a sudden it disappeared from sight, almost overnight. We had
lost a product which gave us very little water retention, solid weight
gains and excellent strength increases; but then it was gone!

The same thing happened to Masteron 7-8 years ago. This product was SO
sought after especially for pre-competition preparation that it was
unreal as it helped give hardness to the physique that was truly
incredible. I turned around one day and it was gone too - WTF was
happening to the world. Of course we know now why these and other
products left the market, it was the laws of certain countries that
changes, demand dropped because of the seriousness of the counterfeits
that were flooding the market and so certain sections of genuine
pharmaceutical companies decided that it was best to close the doors on
certain products until such chance they could come back - and thank
goodness they did.

We have recently tested a 20ml version of Heptylate, a 150mg Dynabolan
multi and a 100mg Masteron that ALL prove to be as good as the versions
we knew all those years ago. All were up to the limit of the mg per ml,
bang on in fact. They were all clean cut products that we were chuffed to
see back. For competitors it means that extra boost that was indeed
sorely missed. For those looking to harden and condition there physiques
in general, they will be glad to see it back too. As for the Heptylate
and Dynabolan, well it will please many of the seekers of strength and
mass as it did way back then.

There are still a lot of shite products on the streets and it is up to us
to try and sort the wheat from the chaff. There is a way. If you have
knowledge of any company that has actually scammed you for cash, if you
have lost to them in anyway let me know and I will do my best to let as
many know as to their antics as I possibly can. Of course I know where
all the good gear is and I would be a fool to say that I didn't, but it
is also good to know where all the shit gear is too so I can steer people
clear of such nob heads. Forewarned is forearmed I say.

Feel free to drop me a mail mick@mickhart.com where I will endeavour to pass on any
relevant information that will help to guide you in the direction that
you wish to go and safely too.

So, with that I wish you the very best as usual. Take care, God bless and
look forward as always to chatting to you should that chance arise in the
near future.

Train hard and be strong,
Mick Hart.

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Feb 1, 2012

Steroids Scam Fraud Beware

Be carefull, this is a heads up on a confirmed SCAMMER!!! He has previously went by the source names "Savage" and "Northern Gear / Gear Northern" He has scammed thousands from people including suppliers. He also has set up other sites in the past and once discovered that he is a scammer, he go's and sets up another source to scam more people. Here is a link to more info. http://www.eroids.com/forum/general/supplier-introduction/gearnorthern.com He has most likely already set up a new scam site or two. The link has a picture of him and one of his buddys that helped him. Dale Atfield is the main guy. All of the information is confirmed and verified.

FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/people/Dale-Atfield/100000674871753 <- lol blocked :)
Here is a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/TwcDi.png
check this http://www.cottagecountrynow.ca/cottagecountrynow/article/383775

His Receivers:

•Ryan Patterson
204-110 Main Street East
Huntsville, Ontario

•Andrea Wallace
110 Main St E 204
Huntsville, ON P1H2M7
Phone: 705-784-0429 (Ryan's girlfirend)

•Steven Patterson
Novar, Ontario
FB?: http://i.imgur.com/TkDRN.png

•Eric Murphy
Port Sydney, Ontario

•Eric Murphy
Burksfalls, Ontario

•Gregg Wallace
30021 Haliburton
Huntsville ON

Other Websites:


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