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Dreamz GK Infra


Consumer reviews about Dreamz GK Infra

Apr 30, 2012

Real Estate Fraud by Dreamz Infra

The above statements are absolutely false. Dreamz Infra is a biggest fraud in the history of bangalore. They have not started a project then how would these above said guys can get their flats.

I visited them yesterday thinking about getting a really good deal, but the moment I entered inside, I got to know that its a real fraud. Think about this, the office so called head office is a commercial complex (which can be vacated over night) with just one board and there is a staff of atleast 50 male salesman. My first question is why a real estate company need that many salesman. I have visited construction company giants who have township developed for 300 Acres per place but no one has more than 5-6 guys staff in office. More over the so called GM of the company is a 23-24 year girl and VP who looks like her brother is another chap of 25-26 years old can't even speak fluently and lastly the major one, they confessed that they are selling properties on a land they have NOT even bought yet and from the 25% money customer will pay, they will buy that land. The last thing through which you can get 100% fraud is that the booking receipt terms and conditions says that they can move the project site if the project is not feasible on the site they have shown and customer cannot complaint about it. I am thinking to lodge a complain in public interest against them.

May 14, 2012

Dreamz Infra is Fraud

Squarefoot properties are real home makers
SQUAREFOOT PROPERTIES - Thieves, Cheats, Frauds
DREAMZ INFRA is another name of squarefoot properties.

Goondas - Squarefoot Properties / Dreamz infra.
Thieves, Cheats, Frauds, Killer - Squarefoot Properties / Dreamz infra.
The Squarefoot Properties / Dreamz infra is a BROKER.
They will book one flat to MULTIPLE persons.
One dump who pays highest at end will get the flat.

Sometimes they sell single flat to MULTIPLE people too with FAKE papers.
They will RUN like a DOG for getting your booking money.
Once your cheque is cleared, they will AVOID you and search for another booking the same flat.

They will CHEAT you.

I booked a flat in Dreamz Infra.
They have taken 12 lacs rupees as booking amount.

Can you think how many days savings will make TWELVE LAKHS rupees?
I took 10 years to make this money. But these FRAUDS took it at a single instant.
I have paid them in July, but no refund so far.
I have lost my MENTAL stability and so I have lost my JOB too.

I am writing this to make aware all the People NOT to get trap with such squarefoot properties.
I am SURE that someone will surely comment good thing on my review,
bcz they have HIRED excellent guys only for putting good reviews on internet.
Because of many bad reviews over mouthshut.com, they have DELETED that thread.
Sachin and Kanhaiya- are the MD of Squarefoot Properties / Dreamz infra
They have served JAIL for many times.
And they are out with the help of one of their police relative.
But how long they will survive in this world.
Their main targets are the Software/IT people or non-Karnataka persons.

Because Software/IT people are very busy in their life.
Software/IT people are very good, innocent,
and will always fear to walk to Police station.
So they will ask your procession casually while taking the booking amount.
Once you say any software comany or your profession,
they will run behind you like a Dog for booking amount.
Then you are trapped.


Please share this information through Facebook / Google+ / hi5 / Orkut, email etc.

Thanks to all for reading this.

May 14, 2012

Dreamz Infra review - they are fraud

MR sachin naik MD of dreamz infra. He has even changed his name. he had company called squarefoot properties. then he closed it its now called dreamz gk infra india pvt ltd. he is also starting company called master mind properties. His girl frnd Disha a kannada actress is 65 % stake holder in the company.he keeps hiring employees make them work for 2 months and fire them without salary. he sells appartment to customers where he wouldnt have even bought the land. nothing is his own. he makes fraud money from customer with 18 months of construction period . he doesnt own any land. he has criminal record against his real name in australia as well.

May 14, 2012

Dreamz Infra are cheaters

I visited them yesterday thinking about getting a really good deal, but the moment I entered inside, I got to know that its a real fraud. Think about this, the office so called head office is a commercial complex (which can be vacated over night) with just one board and there is a staff of atleast 50 male salesman. My first question is why a real estate company need that many salesman. I have visited construction company giants who have township developed for 300 Acres per place but no one has more than 5-6 guys staff in office. More over the so called GM of the company is a 23-24 year girl and VP who looks like her brother is another chap of 25-26 years old can't even speak fluently and lastly the major one, they confessed that they are selling properties on a land they have NOT even bought yet and from the 25% money customer will pay, they will buy that land. The last thing through which you can get 100% fraud is that the booking receipt terms and conditions says that they can move the project site if the project is not feasible on the site they have shown and customer cannot complaint about it. I am thinking to lodge a complain in public interest against them.

Jan 27, 2013

They are fraud

I saw the adv in paper and good thing was area was just near to my home...so i did site visit myself.
i saw other builders seeling at 3500 rate and just near to So call dreams GK there is puravara phase 2 JP nagar 7th phase.

I saw a small board of dreaks GK for which in paper all sold out.

and the good thing is they have not even bought the land....

so i ignored there calls and decided that they are fraud just for 5-7 laks cheep ur hard earn money will go..

I book good flat in chandapura with big builder name

Thanks i am saved from this mess.

Mar 17, 2013

Deamz infra

I do agree with the reviews here. They showed me a project in HSR. The property was not registered(came to know later on) in their names.Despite of the fact they are showing the property and trying to sell flats(floor plan also not ready then). telling white lie left and right. just keep your eyes open and cross question them, you will make out everything yourself. Don't go near them.Their office is near silk board.

rashmi Thakur
Mar 21, 2013



guys pls be very very careful about this project they are cent percent frauds, cheaters. They are selling same flat to many people and when people go their office for clarification and justification, the company's MD Sachin Naik is telling them to cancel their project so that he can give the flat to people who is ready to pay more for the same.

That Bastard sachin Naik thinks himself as GOD and treats people (employees & customers) as slaves. He talks so arrogantly thinking that he is favouring us by giving flats at cheap rate but in reality initially he will say less amout for the flat later he increases the amount in the name of other fraud rules. He is such a bloody crook that he should be hanged .............He plays with people's emotion and keeps hiring people to post good reviews about the company after that in 1-2 months he fires them giving lame excuses like the employee opened google site and also checked his mails or he was talking over phone etc etc

Apr 19, 2013

Dreamz is Fraud Cheater ... stay away

They are hungry for money. They will treat yo like a god ... biscuits , juice .. till your money transferred to their account. Then suddenly the god becomes slaves. They wont'be having time to talk to you. And if you are cancelling than forget about getting money back from them. Don't buy even if they give something free.

Jul 17, 2013

DREAMZINFRA - Old Type A "Marketing Fraud" & Showoff

Old Type A "Marketing Fraud" & Showoff

First time i went there and felt like comedy drama. Their office is like Marketing platform and lot of freshers. Environment would look like very busy but all are gimmick. You can find these things happening all the time in their office space.

1) You can visualize employees (freshers) carrying a file and moving from one cabin to another cabin. Just to create a scene like they are busy with many projects.

2) Employees carrying a personal cheque and would pretend that is like a real cheque, they might talk in such a way that you hear their conversations.

3) You will be seated in couch near to lot of snacks, Appy Fiz , lays, CREAM Biscuit.

4) Videos would be played where you are sitting.

5) Then the Power star ( Sachin MD alias KD ). In case if you are pretending like a potential client, then Sachin would come there and start his SHOWOFF timings infront of you with his FOSSIL Watch. He will try to rotate the watch dial atleast 100 times wantedly to show the BRAND NAME of the watch.

6) Finally like all you know, they will try to show you some plans all over bangalore (north , south, east, west).


Sep 14, 2013


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I was informed, and shocked to hear that I would have to PAY to get
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Sep 16, 2013

Dreamz GK Infra

Thanks Guys for your reviews and saving me.!!

I just visited their place yesterday(Dreamz GK, HSR) and their unpurchased plots, model flats etc. Overwhelmed with their reception service, thought of purchasing the Flat(Slokha2). Even though I liked the way the representative talked to us and guided us good. I strongly didn't like the way the manager talked to us. He talked to us about the procedure and insisted us to buy the flat on the same day itself. He sounded like a chit fund owner who is going to run away with all your money. His way of talking made us think that they are a fraud company. I finally came to read some reviews about them.

Got really shocked to see that their true colours. Thanks again everyone who has commented over. Will think twice before I make a move.

Sep 16, 2013

Dreamz GK Infra


yesterday i visited the dream z infra office in silk board and shocked at seeing the office and they are showing a un registered houses.

And it is really impossible to give a house for that price. And it looks real fraud and cheaters.

so i will suggest not to even think of this even though its coming for less price.

it's your hard earned money and do not waste that....think 1000 times before you make a move.

Sep 23, 2013

Question in my mind for Dreamz GK

I visited Dreamz GK , there I saw so many projects and also I went site visit. They are giving flats in low budget as compare to other builder, but I am little bit scare about services and product quality. That, can provide everything in this budget.

Sep 23, 2013

Dreamz GK in my point of view.

How one can trust on dreamz gk by reading reviews only in internet or by one can’t trust I don’t know but I know this I have booked one flat with them and they have given me all the legal papers and I have verified each and every paper with my Lawyer.

Sep 23, 2013

better to visit to know the truth

I really fully confused about the reviews of dreamz gk, so that i went to their office. They came with a different idea by which budjet flats are possible in bangalore. they are taking money from customers instead of banks so that no more interest burden on customers.
I assure that these builders will show their mark in bangalore.

Dhiraj Singh
Sep 23, 2013

I believe Dreamz GK.

I am writing this review for DreamzGK because I am happy with the services provided by them. Now I am feeling proud because I own a flat in which I will live within very short span of time. As per the commitment now they are working for amenities part and they are building club house. I would like to suggest Dreamz Gk Infra to all new home buyers.

Sep 23, 2013

My view about Dreamz Infra

Before meeting Dreamz Infra, I thought they are not mature enough but after seeing their sites, project ideas & business strategies i would like to say they are pure professional and good service provider. They are doing very good in building new apartment as well they are committing to provide no of amenities.

Oct 1, 2013

Dreamz GK looks purely fraud

If you guys are so confident about Dreamz GK and are really end customer, then why don't you share your contact numbers with your messages, So people who have doubts can contact you and see your FLATS which you guys have got from DREAMZ GK.

Please don't spread wrong information and make people to put their hard earned money into DREAMZ a/c and then wait for YEARS & YEARS & YEARS.

Jan 14, 2014

Beware of fraud

i lioke to watch crime patrol very much
i have seen similar cases where people are looted becoz of greed and innocence and lact of awareness.

i m pretty sure one day i'll be watching 1 episode of this fucking fraud DREAMZ infra.

sadly till then many peolple will be victim of fraud.

in my opinion before paying a single rupee to such magnificent and exagerating offers ,verify each n everything in detail.

all the best :)


Jan 26, 2014

Dream Infra is totally Fraud

I have booked flat in Dream Sneh marathahalli in month of april,2012.But still they have not started the construction.They already took 25% of total amount at the time of booking.But no progress. they told that you will give flat in dec 2013 but they have not started with a single brick. I went for cancilling my flat but keep on motivating that next year you vl get flat but after such a bad review about the company i planed to cancil my booking.But nw they are not refunding.They are gundas of karnataka.So guys please dont get into this trap and decide well before booking, because saving money and wasting it in one shot is having a lot of difference.

rahul kumar
Jan 27, 2014

Dreamz Gk

I agree to the Comments mentioned above, I went to there office and felt the same Environment mentioned above, they showed me barren land for construction plan in HSR layout (dream z shloka).thanks to you guys, I am not gonna book any flat with these guys, Booking a flat is putting your whole life earning , how come these guys can do such things with middle class people who have little and hard earned money. If they are really doing like this they are no more than monsters.

Mar 3, 2014

Beware of Dreamz Infra

Seen to be something “Fishy” with this builder
Hormavu “Saakar” Project. Who all booked contact me.Till now No BBMP approval, waiting from past 2.5 month. We all need to take some action on Builder.


Jun 2, 2014

Dreamz Infra is a fraud

Hi All,

I am not related to Dreamz and have not booked or own any flat from them.
I stay near to one of their project, From last 3 years they have not even placed one brick there. Till last April they were putting one tent on every weekend and show one bull dozer as if they are going to start construction.
Those who wish to book, pleas visit their site and ask them from how long it is like that. Each project is advertised from last 3 years, but not started construction, Please don't fall into these kind of traps.

Jun 14, 2014

Mister Bakra

Hi All,

Can I ask you some simple questions and can we find logic behind such frauds??? ok read the below and then lets conclude. ok?

Yourside :

1) You Dream of a big house you want to buy.
2) You Dream of paying meagre amount and getting best amenities like swimming pool, posh locality house, gardens, wide roads, best materials used for building your home.
3) You dream of buying it for 15 or even 25 Lakhs now and then after some years selling at 300% profit.
4) You want to boast to all you meet about how big and posh is your home

Good, nice way you started. So greed is an important aspect here, agreed??? Good.

Cheaters side :

1) Is any customer, cheaters Mama, chacha or Bhatija??? any die-hard friend??? why should he do justice??? if his intention is not right.
2) Is the cheater Saadhu or Sant, to sit and do charity work for you??? when you yourself in your whole life have never ever given a begger a 500 dollar note, the cheater is same like you, greed is important aspect here.
3) Low budget flats, paperless, approval less...........and all amenities given, heavy discounts, swimming pool..........ha ha....joke? who asked you not to take caution before paying???
4) Is he doing business to ensure you get prosper??? or he should get prosper???

So if you are an idiot then he is right, you ought to be cheated.

Resolution : First and foremost

1) Have time to read different laws related to anything you want to enter into, even buying a flat, car etc. Even buying Bull shit also, know from which bull it came from and how old is the shit.
2) Have good lawyers at your end and follows do's and do-not's from him. Cross examine with details over the net and if required or matter is still unclear, why not meet the related govt authorities and discuss in short.
3) If you cant do above two then Get high level, even political contacts as early as possible to pull out of this mess.
4) Maintain unity among all those who have been cheated and then muster enough guts to meet cheaters and then do what is needed.

If these things cannot be understood, followed and/or digested, then keep crying on internet that you lost money. You fell into the trap because you were greedy, dont justify now.ok???

Idiots get consumed by wisest people..................If you are wise, you will find a idiot and it is loss. If it is vice-versa, then it is your loss.

Jan 18, 2015

Dreamz GK Infra

They called me 10 times to visit their sites.
All are new launch projects.

When I asked the floor plan and documents to show to my lawyer.
They asked me to go to their office for all the documents.
Once I go there they are just talking about down payment 30% or 50% etc.
They have not showed me any document about the site.

Finally they asked to see the apartment which is near by marathahalli.
Once I go there the construction is going on but no one is there to explain me and which flat is free in that apartment.
I asked them at least to send the floor plan by email but they could not.

Finally I realized that it is fraud. Thank god I did not pay any money.

Later I got to know that even my neighbor had given 7 Lakhs and he struggled 3 years to get back his money.
Their main target is non locals especially North Indians.
Even most of the office staff also are from Bihar.

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