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Dean Graziosi Complaints - Real Estate Mentor ripoff

United States, Colorado

Consumer reviews about Dean Graziosi Complaints - Real Estate Mentor ripoff

Jan 10, 2012

Insiders Edge Seminar

I too was suckered into the free seminar, plastered with free gifts and Scott McGillivray's face all over it (who, by the way was not at the seminar). I totally bought into the idea of using these resources to get into the real estate investing game. I did not have the money for the 3 day workshop ($1997) that was coming up in 2 weeks (Jan 20-23). I quickly began asking the speaker and the representatives with him when the next one was, how I could attend, etc. Red flag-they had no information and didnt want to help me if I wasnt buying that night. I sat back down to listen to the next presentation about Tax liens and Deeds. I bit AGAIN! This one was only 1497 and I over heard someone say something about a postdated credit card payment so, I stayed until the very end trying to negotiate with the guys, finally they told me we can HELP you out because you seem very interested in gettting started right away. The told me as long as I dont tell any of the other students, that they would work with me on the payment. I knew I would have the funds by Jan 20th, but I told the guy that I wouldnt have it until Feb 1st (thinking I would buy myself some time to check out the program). I spent the next 3 days going over the website-researching on the internet, comparing it to other websites. By day 2 I knew that I wanted to cancel, it was definitely not worth $1500 bucks. I did learn a little about tax liens and deeds and I am grateful for knowing where to look now, but overall this stuff is a scam! I should have known, you can all of the red flags from the moment you walk into presentation. BUYERS BEWARE!! Best advice--use your resources (internet, network with others) you can get the same information it just takes a little effort.

Jan 25, 2012

Insiders Edge Seminar

Hello, and I'm so sorry for the people that got caught into this spider web. My old
Pastor warned us about the people that have infomercials between 12:00a.m. and
6:00a.m. their usually "CON ARTIST" and I found it to be TRUE most of the time.
Did anyone of you call the ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE to report any of
this, to them? I hope you will and DONOT BE AFRAID! Find out where he is in
business (the city, and state) and the ADDRESS where he lives and get in touch
will make a difference, one way or another. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! I'LL PRAY
all of you for writing to this complaint board or I wouldn't have been WARNED TO-

Jan 31, 2012

Insiders Edge Seminar

VERY PLEASED DEAN STUDENT HERE!!! Please remember that your success is up to you and that there are negative things on the internet about virtually EVERYTHING, but Dean is the real deal! Tools can only get you as far as your motivation. You must study and take action!! I have been to Insider's Edge as well, so I get that there is sales pressure (but I do think it was less than mentioned above, but if it has gone that far especially with raising credit card limits, then I'm a little saddened by that). If you can't do it, then don't!! Seriously!! It is a good eye-opener to real estate though, and if nothing else, hopefully you start looking at Dean's books, inexpensive, or website to gain some free knowledge that you can get started making money. For me personally, I saw the Infomercial. I bought Dean's book. I have been at this since September of 2009 (it is currently Jan 2012). And I have made over $81, 000 cash in real estate (using OTHER people's money, not my own), plus an additional $12, 000 into my retirement fund also from real estate from cashflow over the past YEAR, just ONE YEAR (to my retirement fund)!! Plus I currently have a property outside my retirement account that gives me $400 in cashflow per month AFTER mortgage, repairs, taxes, insurance, and another property that gives me $300 in cashflow per month. ) And I have $85K in equity in houses that I didn't own prior to September 2009 AND that I didn't put my own money into. I also happened to be pregnant when I got started in 2009, had my baby in 2010 and took 6 months off of real estate to be with our son. Now that I have some experience under my belt, I'm working to find more private money investors to help them secure their financial future by investing with real estate through me instead of the stock market in this bad economy, and securing their investment to real estate (what a WIN-WIN!!!) While I thank God that I happened to see Dean on TV, none of it was overnight. It was not a "get rich quick" deal. I have used Dean's books, and Dean's website to gain FREE knowledge (if you don't want to invest in the Insider's Edge, you really don't have to). Please understand that yes, there are sales people. Yes, someone may call you about the Success Academy (which, by the way, I ended up becoming a member of, and made my money back from real estate within 6 months of joining and after seeing my profits, I would have paid double or triple for it as now, I have a lifetime of knowledge to help my family and help others financially!!). But know that YOU have the choice to say "no" to anything. Be smart. If you don't have the money, don't do it. And if you don't have the mindset that you are going to take action and be DISCIPLINED about taking action, then don't spend your $2K on training. And don't spend your last dimes on it! If you do have the money, then also consider that training is also what you make it (through your own action), and there are some valuable trainers in this program that can help you go faster (in fact, one of them is a good friend of mine that is a trainer for Boots on the Ground with Dean's group. He helped to set up an awesome real estate deal for me before he became a trainer when we were just friends-----we networked on Dean's website as he happened to live within 100 miles of me!!). You can still learn a lot from Dean's books (for $20), or from Dean's website...an absolutely free forum and site that people come together on to help each other make money by following Dean's techniques. Get beyond the sales angle, and weed through that stuff to see the content. It is big. It is great. It is also hard work. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. To be a success in this world, you need to be willing to work. But abundance is there for those who seek it and are willing to take action. I am forever thankful to Dean and so is my family. I can't wait to continue the journey ---to get better at this, and to help others with the knowledge and financial resources that I gain. I can tell you that I already have, and will continue to do so!!! There is no greater reward than giving back!! Cheers to your success!!

Stan Yoshioka
Feb 6, 2012

Insiders Edge Seminar

I was ready to sign up for the $2000.00 three day course that begins in a couple days here in Hawaii. Am I glad I went on the internet for more information. The Better Business Bureau should investigate them stop their "scam" operation. So they can't continue to hurt innocent investors who are looking for honest financial opportunities. Sincerely yours, A lucky investor who just saved a couple of grand!.

Feb 7, 2012

Insiders Edge Seminar

PLEASE don't fall for the 3 day workshop, all Stephen talked about was his family, we were falling asleep in the class, cause he wasn't talking about what he was suppost to talk about. Everyone in the class was UPSET!!! All he would say is when a student would ask him how much is it. He would say "Is not how much it cost, is how much will it make me", really you dumb ass. He would talk about how he know Angelina Jolie, John Travolta etc and how he has all this $$$. Well if you are so rich what the hell are you doing here, teaching us?? Anyways please dont fall for any of this stuff, there liers.

Feb 12, 2012

Insiders Edge Seminar

My wife and I took the 3 day workshop. and I have to say it was enlightening to say the least. It was mostly run of the mill. I did how ever find a couple of the techniques a bit on the sketchy side. One of the techniques that was discussed was having 2 credit cards and a bank in the middle. Hmmm can anybody see where this is going??? In the context it was used, it was to be done on a short term basis until a house sold. Any smart bank teller would have flagged that even after the first month. I could see where this could really get someone in trouble if their house didn't sell. They could end up on the wrong end of old Ben Franklin's lightning experiment!

In addition the instructors, albeit they were very knowledgeable about the basic strategies of real estate acquisition, notes, and company structures for concealing identity, they were unaware of local laws governing asset protection vs potential statute violation. Some states Illinois and Florida to be exact will allow the identities of land owners to be concealed inside of a trust without issue. However, many states, several I know of personally, will not allow the anonymity of trustee/trustor relationship when it comes to real property.

The history on the land trust can be traced at least back as far as the crusades when the crusaders left their land in 'trust' to a family member or close friend. According to Wikipedia, land was put in a land trust to avoid serving in the army of King Henry VIII. The state of Illinois ended up twisting the trust up in the city of Chicago to conceal the identity of the aldermen because they were not allowed to vote on projects if they held land near by. For this reason I think it prudent that they tailor the presentation to the audience they are working with.

The training that I was at appeared that many of the participants hadn't had 2 nickels to rub together. I am happy to see that they were taking action. I think the price was a little steep. Everest would be an easier climb. I learned it for a couple grand and a trip to Florida many years ago with a 595.00 price tag. I took this to see what the new kids on the block were pitching. It hasn't changed. What I will say to all of you is this... Learn how money works. Don't worry about what John or Demi or Bruce or Paris are doing. If you went into debit for it you broke the first rule. OPM. Other peoples money! Caveat Emptor

Apr 26, 2012

whole buns of bullshit

I too was suckered into the free seminar, plastered with free gifts.I just attended recently April 7, 2012 at Sunnyvale Santa Clara. Here comes the next speaker for Tax Lien for 1497. The guy was allowing to pay monthly payment for a year with my 500.00 down payment. On that time they were out of Tax Lien book they promise that the book will received after 3 days which was Monday, April 9, 2012. I was waited and waited because I want to see and read the books so I can cancelled if I don't want it. Guest what I been calling so many times almost everyday their answer she will call you back. Until I went to the Hotel the seminar of foreclosure student at San Jose Ca. and told one of the mentor to help me to verify about the Tax Lien book that didn't received yet. Just received the book last April 20. After I read the book and listen to video there's nothing that can help me. So I called if I could access the the county tax Lien or whatever the lady which was in the customer service said that you cant do that. So what the use of payment of 1497 if we could see that Tax Lien certificate sale. So I told the customer service to cancelled my membership she said no. Why the book came late for 3 weeks if we had the book right and I can read quick and cancelled after 3 days.
I want to cancelled pls. I dot have money to pay every month plus I lost my job. Please Dean help me to cancelled my membership.

May 6, 2012


i worked for dean for 3 years. he could care less about anyone but himself. he is a good conman. but the only thing he wants to do is take as much money from people as he can. to him you are just a lead. ask some of the people that bought motormillions scam how they made out. i hope there is a special place in hell for this loser.

Jul 26, 2012

Teaches best practical strategies

I have surfed the web for many real estate tips but I have never learnt anything like I did at Dean's training program. It was very informative and he talks about many strategies in broad so that you can understand everything from beginning till the end. Matt and Dean shared some excellent training as well and they were so friendly trying to interact with the participants. I learnt many things taking part on his training program and now I'm making more bucks than I used to by using their strategies. I was really impressed about Dean Graziosi and each cent I paid for was worth while.
I only had an issue when I didn't receive the book "Be a Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today" which I ordered online. So, I called the <a href="http://www.deangraziosicomplaints.com">Dean Graziosi Complaints</a> and they informed when It will be delivered and it actually did get delivered during the said time. I'm so happy with their service and transparency and I will continue to be one of his followers in the future

Apr 15, 2013

Dean Graziosi

The only thing you will get out of this 3 day seminar is alot of stories and hype. The amount of interesting info could have been givin to us in 4-6 hours and any real estate training class can give you this info. You will still feel no more educated for your $1997.00 than when you went in and then they are going to try get anouther $20,000 to $40,000 out of your hands --Thats right 20K to 40K to do furthur education with more 3 day seminars and software program. What a waste of my time and money on a 3 day coarse that can't deliver. Was expecting some in depth trianing and this was not it....

May 29, 2014

Class Action Lawsuit?

I am trying to start a class action lawsuit against DG. There seems to be thousands of complaints on the internet but has anybody done anything about it other than writing a compliant online? There has to be enough of us to be able to file a class action lawsuit against this company for taking advantage of so many people. If anyone knows any information please contact me. Kriotto@gmail.com. I am going to continue to do my research.

May 11, 2015

swindled out of all I has

I too attended the seminar. I am a single mom trying to get ahead in life but instead I got knocked backwards. The salesman Matt talked up a good game. Allowing me to believe that I would make my $20000 back within a month. Stating that someone would be with us to help us make our first deal. Well it's been almost 2 yrs and have not made a deal nor found a deal that I could have funded. Everytime I think about giving them my savings, I cry! Because that money could have been a down payment on a house but instead I'm living with my daughter trying to rebuild my finances. I hate that they took advantage of me but to others please do not be fooled because they are the only ones getting rich off of other people money!

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