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Clarkstone Bengals

United States, Texas

Consumer reviews about Clarkstone Bengals

Complaints Against Cat Breeders
Jan 20, 2012

horrible business

Here is the image logo to this breeders Clarkstone Bengals Cattery website:

Dave Clark Clarkstone Bengals
Jan 27, 2012

horrible business

Clarkstone Bengal Cattery
New Braunfels Tx.

This person should be glad they did not get a breeder cat from Clarkstone. Be glad his mouth ran you off, you got lucky. Your better off than people I know, who got a cat from him and only had problems with the cat and HIM. You only get problems and heart aches when dealing with this man. If he doesn't like what you have to say, he will make threats towards your well being. He will promise to pass your name on to other breeders and hurt you with them. Just not a good experience with this man.

Cat Man
Jan 27, 2012

horrible business

That man will say anything to get out of a mess. He is just the person that was described in the above letter. He is bad news. He has been able to take bad reviews off the Internet. He can not take any one that questions him. He thinks he is the cat god of cat gods. Very Nasty Little Man in so many ways!!!

Feb 2, 2012

Poor Business

On July 09, 2011 I visited Claskstone Cattery (Dave Clark) in New Baunfels Texas and after 10 minutes I had to leave. I was scared for myself by the belittling and anger of this man.

I knocked on the front door and nothing to no reply so I headed back to the car and a man appears from the open garage. Introduces himself as Dave Clark the Cat Man and greets me by my first name as I had called earlier to ask if I could come by. He asks my last name and I said foolishly just Leslie because we don't know each other. He pressured me very intensely and I gave in and stated my last name. He closed the garage door and walks me thought the small cattery. I’m looking for any exit that would be available to me if I needed it because I’m feeling trapped.

He walked me into an African safari open aired room. He knows who I am and that I'm a new breeder. He asks what I know of breeding. Being honest I told him I used to breed Labs but because I developed an allergy I decided to stop. My bitch passed away after 14 years of a beautiful life and I was devastated by the loss.

He told me Bengal breeders are scared of people like me because after a failed attempt at breeding dogs I think I’m a qualified breeder and that I have now reinvented myself as a Bengal breeder and more concerned with a bottom line as opposed to the quality of the cat, now if I had a mentor he said I would ok and if I was mentored by him…. now Dave Clark knows nothing of my past and he’s just accused me of being a failed breeder and now trying to make a fast buck.

Rather than let him offend me any further, I stood up politely and give him my apologies for somehow offending him and thank him for allowing me to stop by. He is completely outraged with me and grumbling and stomping. I’m walking in front of him to the garage where I was fixing to push the button to open the garage door, he jumped in front of me and pushed the button to open the garage.

I’m shaking I’m so scared but I offer my hand and thank him for his time. He waved my hand shake off and now he's yelling at me “the truth hurts doesn't it!” I kept walking to my vehicle and he yelled at me again “I guess you think you’re too smart to learn anything new, aren’t you.”

Now I have tolerated just about all I could stand from this man screaming at me for no reason. I never said anything bad about him, his cattery or his cats I just sat there and let him talk bad about me.

I'm not to smart to learn and something from some one worth learning from and I said something else but I can't recall. I was getting into my car and he was still going yelling at me and screaming something about a man who's a breeder in Houston.

There is something wrong with this man, he had me scared to death he was going to become violent. He was so angry he was shaking and breathing hard I was looking for escape routs when this man closed that garage door with no way out.

I’m not easily scared but I was in fear for myself of this man. He is scary, unstable, aggressive and unpredictable. It’s not going to take much to push this Dave Clark person over the edge and he IS going to hurt someone.

I don't think it's necessary to sling mud or be mean and hateful it's just unproductive and ignorant but this man has no business owning, breeding or trying to socialize any animal when he’s obviously so un-socialized and unstable himself.

Feb 2, 2012

horrible business

I agree with both posters

Dave Clark Clarkstone Bengals
Feb 8, 2012

Poor Business

THis was generated by Leslie Pool from Amazon Bengals...
I have had to hire an attorney and contact the law to restrain her slander...BIG TROUBLE...and she just keeps at it...

Feb 8, 2012

Poor Business

The first complaint was not mine but the second one is. There are so many complaint out there about Dave only one is mine.
There has been nothing except for my experience when I met DAVE CLARK for the first AND LAST time. I welcome Dave's attorney to contact me. Dave contacted me with several emails he sent email saying I know where "YOU" work and the 9 times you called me 7 where after I told you to never contact me again and you left voice mails.

Feb 8, 2012

horrible business

Dave Clark is saying I am trying to hurt him by filing a complaint about him. There are so many complaint out there about Dave only one is mine. There has been nothing except for my experience when I met DAVE CLARK for the first AND LAST time. I welcome Dave's attorney to contact me. Dave contacted me with several emails he sent email saying I know where "YOU" work and the 9 times he called me 7 where after I told him to never contact me again and he left voice mails.

Feb 21, 2012

Poor Business

Just read the posts on the site called Scam In Former and some one posted some worth while info on Dave Clark and his Clarkstone Cattery. They posted his court cases file numbers. You can go to the site supplied and then take the case numbers and just see what he has been up too. So informing. He was in court last year. Wonder if they collected. That is the bad thing about small claims court, you get the judgement and then the shaft.
Other Bengal breeders don't respect him, they tolerate him. That is all I was told. The people he names supply him with services that they charge him for. He is just again tolerated. He can be so charming till you make a misstep and then your in for his wrath. Got to find out who this Leslie person is. I will shake her hand.

Anne from Boca Raton
Feb 21, 2012

Poor Business

Thanks to Dave Clark, I am the Mommy of a gorgeous Bengal kitten, however, this man is unstable and has now breached our agreement to furnish me with the appropriate papers once my kitten was neutered. I purchased him in September, He arrived early October, he was neutered in December and Dave started screaming at me via e-mail shortly thereafter!
He is an extremely unprofessional business person who should not be allow to continue such poor and uncalled for behavior.
I have contacted the TICA and my attorney and plan to take him to small claims court to get the pedigree papers I was promised for my $1100 cat plus $275 shipping!
He is rude, unethical and has a rap sheet a mile long with the TICA. He should be closed down if he continues in this fashion.

It is really pathetic, because, aside from the ear mites and ear infection my kitten arrived with, I got a fantastic little boy. All he has to do is follow thru on his agreements and keep his opinions to himself. He acts like a terrorist and this is unacceptable...scaring women and requiring court orders...just ridiculous. There is a pattern of abuse and someone must put an end to it!

Dave Clark Clarkstone Bengals
Mar 4, 2012

Poor Business

to Anne from Boca...yes, we sold her a boy bengal...gave her a fantastic discount too.
When we shipped her boy we told her then that we filed the litter registrations once a year and that it would take some time but, we would get them for her. She bought the boy in Sept. and fix the boy in Dec. we filed the litters in the end of Dec. ...
This buyer called me on a regular bases about her paperwork and time after time I repeated myself ...she bought a pet and really only was to get " Pet Papers" Not an important reason to have the paperwork ...but ...it wasn't fast enough for this woman.
Constently bugging me and finally we would not take her callsor her emails .They both were toxic.
I filed the paperwork like I had told her at the end of the year ...and TICA ...has had them till even now.
My district rep. from tica called me and told me about Ann's desires...and checked with the tica offices and found that I did EXACTLY what I told her I was doing.
So, now I am such a terrible fellow cause Ann didn't get her paperwork ...in a few months ...and she wants to pile it high...
Ann think's in her heart that she is a PRUDENT woman...I do not agree. I think she is a pushy woman that gets irratated when she can't check something off her to do list, when she feels it's right. I was HONEST with Ann, till the point where I got sick of her crap. She sure can dish it out .
Ann turned out to be a real pain...those in boca raton that know her might say the same...so, now she has to go to the extreme's to make my life hell ...look at her rant again.
Talking about my RAP SHEET...how funny. I have never been arrested or in any type of trouble.
Yes, I have been to court...I have been in business for a decade. The reason why I was in court ( which could of been avoided ) because it took a judge to do what was fair.
I hide nothing...never have...Ann, you should be ashamed of yourself ...MEDDELING...If anyone has any questions about my past please call me at 830-609-4601 and I will be glad to share ANYTHING with you.
I have worked extremely hard for 10 years . Not one vacation . Dedicated to the betterment of the bengal breed. Suppling fabulous bengals throughout the world.
I find Ann evil...when she knows that we have been a TICA " outstanding " for the past 4 years ...but, won't mention it. Your the evil one...
Would it be fair to go and find out all the dirt on this woman and since she is self employed as a " HEAD HUNTER " and warn others about her BI-POLAR .She has her own employment company..I would never recommend her to a friend after this behavior, NEVER...mean and hateful personality to others in her field...no good neighbors don't talk about each other.
In closing, I learned in sunday school that if you had nothing nice to say about someone ...then don't say it...
Ann, isn't out any money...ann's cat is living well and thriving...he met her expectations with his quality ...nobody's cheated this lady...it's none of that...
It's kind of a Waaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaaa situation.
Ann, GROW UP !
Like I have told you dozens of times...the news has not changed. YOU WILL GET YOUR PET PAPER WORK AS SOON TICA GETS THEM TO ME...GOT IT.
In ten years their are only a few people, less then 4...that we would never do business with...Ann...is one of them.
We wish you the very best ...
Dave Clark...

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