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Cincinnati Bell Fioptics

United States

Consumer reviews about Cincinnati Bell Fioptics

Dec 19, 2011

Selling a service and not providing it

Hi Boltices,
My name is Katie and I work for Cincinnati Bell. I'm sorry to hear about your experience and we're happy to help switch your email addresses. Please email your account # to cincinnati.bell@fuse.net


Cincinnati Bell

Feb 27, 2012

Selling a service and not providing it

I was making the switch to Fioptics on Sat. Feb. 26th, the technician came out at noon to do the install, So started my problems. He was at the pole on the road for an hour, then came in the house to install the internet, cable and phone. after spending four hours in my house on sat eve. he said he was done, no information on how things worked, IE, remote control, Email, and channel setup. He was actually on his way out the door, and my wife said our phone was not working. He came back in, brought his tools back out, tested the phone line, said "Uh, it was working an hour ago" I said well it's not now! after another HOUR, he said I need to go down the street and check the main distribution box. He came back 15 min. later, said they would have a different crew repair it Monday morning. Well, this monday morning has come and gone, they say now it will be tommorrow. And my TV, the package I signed up for, $110mo. Well, I'm missing 11 channels I am supposed to have, after calling INDIA, they had me on the phone for 35min. just figuring out who, and where I was!!! This is final !!! I'm sticking with INSIGHT!!! Anyone reading this, DO NOT GO TO CINCINNATI BELL. IT IS A RIP-OFF BIG TIME...

Jan 22, 2013

Cincinnati Bell

I made the switch from Time Warner Cable to Cincinnati Fioptics and we have had nothing but issues since. I have called many times, technicians have been to the house and I am not happy with any of the services. You cannot record 2 shows (which we were told we could record 3 and watch one) and watch a show that was previously recorded. Why have the system if you can record and watch shows. Last night we thought we recorded The Following, tonight after work, I thought I was going to enjoy watching this new show, half way thru it asked me if I was to Delete or Not Delete,don't know why it did that but then it wen into part of Castle which came on at 10:00. I don't know what happened to the rest of The Following. I called customer service which is very difficult since they are not in the US and wanted to set up an appointment to have the service and equipment removed so I could have Time Warner back but after trying to get through to the cust. service person what i wanted she told me it would be $89 for them to remove the equipment. Please, Please someone tell me how to get rid of this service. I am so disappointed and frustrated. I just want someone to take care of this. The service is really bad. I wish I had seen the posting above before. Can some one let me know how to get out of this mess without being on the phone again for 40 minutes.

May 2, 2013

Cincinnati bell fiberoptics

OMG! I got rid of Time Warner thinking I would be saving some money with getting Cincinnati Bell fiber optics package. Well my service is out at least once a week! I have had MANY technicians to the house for hours at a time replacing routers, modems and boxes and it always goes out again! We have missed so many of our favorite programs that I have quit counting the times it has happened. But Cincinnati Bell demands that the bill be paid on time! Don't think calling customer service will help either. Their call center is in the Phillipeans and just try to get someone who understands what quality service is! It's impossible. I have regretted this decision so please learn from my mistake and don't get Cincinnati Bell!

Nov 7, 2013

cincinnati fioptics

We recently (approx. week and a half) switched from time warner to fioptics. I work a lot of hours and my family members tape my shows for me. I have been unable to watch them in my room. It plays like a bad dvd. It works everywhere else in the house. I called yesterday and was told I would receive a call back within two to four hours. I stayed up and waited five hours and did not receive a call back. I called again and they connected me to a supervisor named Alvin. He was very rude and told me that maybe I should switch back to time warner. I even went out and bought a brand new four hundred dollar tv thinking it might be that. This man screamed at me and told me we have to wait almost two weeks for a service call. Is this the way you treat people? Very disappointed and heart broken. No tv for two weeks with a brand new service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 31, 2013

fioptics is a scam

CB Fioptics is nothing but a financial scam. When they called me with the sales pitch of how much money i would save and broke it down it was at least $75.00 cheaper than Time warner cable. I was so impressed. After they installed it all the troubles began. First was the box itself would not work. When you call you get another country telling you to get new batteries for the remote. First guy comes and puts a sticker on the box to make it so the remote works. Next day still doesn't work correctly. Next guy comes and says first guy put sticker on wrong. Week later no internet which means no TV. One full week I lived without these things. Next guy comes to say it was a faulty router. Now the kicker the bill comes and its $5.00 more than I paid for Time warner WITHOUT any of the premium channels. I called and finally got an american supervisor who was incredibly rude, but still knocked the price back down to what was originally promised. Did let me knwo that September 2014 that price will go back up. I can assue you I will not be with Fioptics in Sept. 2014. I highly suggest you don't sign up either. ITs a pure scam and it sucks on top of it all. Constantly having to reboot etc... Its not faster either as they advertise. I hate it and have huge regrets for switching companies.

Avid tv Guy
Mar 23, 2014

Fipotics Bill

I just received Fioptics about 2 weeks ago and I got my first bill and was stunned! $398.00 for a first month bill. And I have basic service . The first problem I had was after the guy installed everything and he said everything was fine. When he left when I got a phone call the TV would freeze. So I called them up and they had a guy to come over that evening I guess after he did his last route. Another problem I have is the system pauses often. I mean if you are watching a program and someone is talking and you will miss some of what they say. But I'm still shocked on the price of the first bill. Now I see why my co-worker was saying his phone was going to be cut off that weekend. Luckily his income tax check came and he was able to keep it on. I mean if you go to Cincinnati Bell and buy a phone they divide the bill over 3 months. They way they are doing it , I bet they have a lot of disconnects!! A bright side is I like being able to start a program in one room and finish watching where I left off in another room. Whole home dvr service. And it doesn't always record like it says it is either. When I wanted to record a program in the living room I saw that it wasn't a record notation on it. But when I pressed record it said it was already scheduled. So after 35 minutes I was in the bedroom and I saw that it wasn't recording. So I pressed record and now I've missed 35 minutes of content.

May 17, 2014

Wasting customers' time

‚ÄčI switched from Time Warner to Cincinnati Bell this month. The internet was too slow, so I called back as the technician advised to repartition to 20 mb internet and 30 mb t.v. The technician told me this could be done from the central office and there was no need for anyone to come out. However, even after speaking with a supervisor, they told me someone would have to come out and check my wiring. I scheduled an appt for 8-12 today. They never showed. So after wasting one of my two weekend days, I called them to find out why they never showed, and they said they took care of it from the central office at 10:30 am today. No need for someone to come out. Exactly opposite what the supervisor on the phone told me this week. They wasted my time for nothing. No apologies. Just a bunch of excuses. Wow, the lady just told me they would credit $22 a month of internet service to my account. Thanks. T.V. in my room isn't working, says to contact service provider. I'm overwhelmed at this point by the good service from Cincinnati Bell. Almost as bad as Time Warner charging me for a wireless router I never had.

Mar 11, 2015

Be Careful About What You Order

My husband and I moved to new construction in the Oakley area of Cincinnati. Since I work from home I ordered the 1 Gig speed for my internet service. We have necessary CAD lines...it's all updated since it's new construction. We are paying $102.99 per month for this service. I have been running Speednet.com and Cincinnati Bell's own speed test...both powered by Ookla since we had this installed 5 months ago. I have never received more than 22 mgs download speed and 20 mgs upload. While I know it won't ever be 1 gig, it certainly seemed slow to me. The wireless service comes in and out. I had my IT person in to make sure my computer wasn't the issue. Before I complained to Cincinnati Bell I wanted to make sure that it wasn't on my end. It's not. I have been on the phone with customer service and technicians to try to get this resolved. They are going to send out another technician to see what is wrong. What I'm most upset about is that we've been paying for a service we have never received. At best we should be paying for the 30 mg at $55 per month. They have refused to give me a refund or a credit on my account.

My advice is make sure you get the service you ordered. Just FYI, The customer service reps will not give you their last names so you can document an adequate letter to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. It's sad that this company probably won't be in business for much longer with alternatives with their customer service and cable TV going by the wayside. If I had a good alternative to internet I would be there.

May 11, 2015

$404.then $603 then $582 per month

Monthly bills started going up. Bad customer service. stay away from Cincinnati Hell Fioptics. They charged me $125.00 per month for non returned dvr box then another $125.00 for non return box. They said their system shows that I am not using them. But I am paying $7.99 per month for box rental. My daughter got married and moved out. So the box sat their in her bed room. Then here comes the bill for not using the box. Wow what a ripoff. So every month I get charged $125.00 for not returning the box. This company needs to stop doing business. When I called them they said it was a computer glitch. But for the last three months my bill was over $400.00. They charge you for services that you do not received. So many things wrong with my bill. I will go back to Time Warner.

Bell Is Lying
May 27, 2015

i work for them

I work for them the tv problems and over billing are par for the course. If you think the service is bad try working for them. They are lying to you about the service. It barely works and rarely works correctly. After an install we have to spend hours trying to figure out why it isn't working, the problems are in the system and not usually in the home. We use the cheapest routers, cheapest stb's, When these issues have been brought up to management they just blow it off and tell you that there is nothing they can do about it. most of the problem is account and provisioning , tons of saturation FTTN ( too many customers out of the Cross connect ) FTTH is out of the fdh and they are overburdened also. They know it and don't care. Norwood has had on demand issues for two years, no fix yet, Moto ONTS always cause freezing. They sell products in apartment buildings that they know wont work. The management team and the engineers are incompetent. I am looking for another job. I really have a problem working for a company who tells their employees to not discuss the problems in the system with the frustrated customers who are paying for the service that will. Hey they still pay out bonuses to mgmt though! Do yourself a favor pay a little more and steer clear of Fioptics.

Jul 9, 2015

Poor customer service and fioptics never wotks right

I have nothing good to say about Cincinnati Bell and their poor services. Like the reviewer earlier who works for them said their fioptics doesnt work right and they know it but could care less and wont do anything to fix it. Personally, i have had so many problems with my cable freezing up, my HD channels pixelating, dvr box not working right, my internet speeds being a lot slower than what im paying for, etc. Their customer service is a joke to-they are all foreigners in India or the Phillipines who dont have a clue as to what is going on, they are rude and you cant understand a word they say, and they can never help you. They are so scripted. Bell might be a few dollars cheaper than Time Warner but the problems arent worth it. i do not recommend them at all.

Sep 7, 2015

Poor equipment, poor service

We've had Cincinnati Bell Fiber Optics for about 1.5 months and for the 3rd time it's out. They (call center "support") go through the same fix routine and when that one script doesn't work, want me to stay home for half a day so they can send someone out (again) to fix it. First time was faulty splitter (keep reading). 2nd time the repair man said I just wasn't given proper restart instructions (after storm) and that was also probably the problem the 1st time. This time I tried to modify a preference (how the guide appears on the screen) and the box won't restart fully after the auto reboot. On top of that, after the big change in the user interface (around 8/10/15) the user interface for on demand video is horrible. It takes way too many clicks and so much time to get to channels toward the end of the alphabet. The list of suspended (partially watched) shows disappeared with the 8/10 "upgrade" one now has to re-navigate through the entire on demand menu to get back to the show. It really wasn't thought through at all. Unstable equipment. Terrible customer service. Terrible user interface. About ready to go back to Time Warner or look at dish.

Oct 14, 2015

Poor customer service

In our experience on about 3 separate problems, customer service through the Cincinnati Bell Customer Service number is non-existent. The people on that line, don't know anything and can't help you with anything. You get nothing but run-around and no answers and the feeling that they could care less about whether or not you continue being a customer. The last time I dealt with them I had close to $250 in monthly services and they didn't care if I cancelled it all. I asked to speak to a manager and was put on hold, then told they were not available. When I asked to get the person's name I was speaking to they would only give a first name or just initials. If you call that number it is nothing but a guaranteed waste of time.

If you need customer service, I've found it best to try to get help through the Social Media folks on Facebook. They are wonderful. Also, I found a tremendous amount of help and great customer service at my local store in Kenwood.

Be careful if you have a landline on the same account with your internet/TV and you want to port the landline to a cell phone. We did that and on a Friday afternoon all of a sudden without any warning from Cinti Bell, our fioptics TV and internet went out. We called them and they said they could not turn it back on. We've been customers for 20+ years and we were treated as a new install. We had to schedule service to come out and do a new install. So we were without TV and internet all weekend which isn't great when you have teens.

When we don't have to deal with customer service we have been happy with their Fioptics TV and internet package. My only complaint with it is that I have to call to renegotiate the prices because they bump up after what used to be a year. The last time I called to renegotiate prices it seemed like it jumped up again 6 mos. later.

If there was a better option, we would drop them, simply based on their poor customer service. And yes, we have had Time Warner Cable in the past and they are just as bad.

Oct 17, 2015

Costumer Service sucks so does service

I had my fioptics installed August 20, 2015. On August 24th after the entire system cut off and rebooted I had no sound coming from one of my set top boxes and my internet would not stay connected which meant none of my services worked. I called and reported the issue and was told it would 30 days before a tech could come and address the issue. I rebooted the system manually and dealt with the gliches until the 27th of August when it crashed again. I was told a tech would be out of September 12th. After taking the day off work and sitting at home all day because I had and 8am-12pm appointment time and recieved a call that they would not be able to keep that time but would be to me as soon as possible a tech never showed up. I called again and had the situation transfered to an account specialist and was given an appointment of October 1. Well the tech showed this time but nothing was done. He walked through my house looked at the boxes and router and then returned to my livingroom where he informed me he didnt know what was causing the issues but take the broken set top box to a Cincinnati Bell store for replacement.
Well here I am 16 days later waiting on them to credit my account for the three months of no service and I am being bounced from person to person most of whom dont speak or understand English. I was on the phone with reps all day yesterday from 2:30pm until well after 10pm last night. I was finally transfered to a rep here in the US and he noted the account with instructions for them on how to get into the system and issue the credits. I call back today and nothing is being done again yet they keep asking do I want to pay my 333.00 bill. Ummmmmm NO I am not paying that bill until the credits are posted to my account because I am not paying for services I did not have.
Seriously how hard is it to get in the system issue the credit and be done with the whole thing. The best part is they keep asking me how much of a credit I feel I deserve. how about one for 333.00, since the tv, phone and internet have not worked properly the entire 3 months the service has been hooked up. Really should have just stayed with the direct tv bundle from Cincinnati Bell because I had no issues at all getting them to send a tech or addressing problem.
Best part is I am on the phone right now as I am typin this and they are still bouncing me from person to person. I am so sick of Cincinnati Bell and their stupid run around trying to talk in circles like their customers are idiots. Who in their right mind is going to pay for something they did not recieve?

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