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Award Notification Commission

United States, Kansas

Consumer reviews about Award Notification Commission

Apr 20, 2012

Sweepstake scam ANC

I also have got this same letter more than once. I quit participating over a year ago but I moved and here they are again "I WON TWO MILLION DOLLARS' FIRST FLAG IS THEY WILL NOT MAKE OUT A LEGITIMATE CASHIER CHECK FOR THIS AMMOUNT. And another letter saying the same thing ,however I did not send in the $11.89 said it was not required, two weeks later I got another letter telling me they would suspend my winnings, since it must have been an oversight on my part that I forgot to send in the premium fee. I did not respond so now I recieved another letter saying the same thing "I had won " and No purchase required just verify my I.D. but, asked for the $11.89 again and gave me another seven days. lets not leave out that they tell you no taxes are held out, however if you choose the full payment you recieve $750,000.00, Less where does that go, to line pockets. If you collect 11.89 from enough people , you have become pretty rich fast. Example my friend here won a Mercedes only the catch was she had to pay the import,tax,lic. and any other applied fees. America wake up!!! There are legitimate sweepstakes out there, you can even get a book of what they are, when and how they work, start and stop.

Sincerely tired of the B.S.

James Thomas Wransky
Apr 23, 2012

award two million dollars

These people are nothing more then Con Men. DO NOT SEND THEM THE 11.98. I'ts just a big fat SCAM

brandy chable
Jul 23, 2012

$2,000,000.00 cash reward

I just got another letter stating that i need to sent $12.00 dollars more to them to be a winner, but that has to be bull shit cause i already sent them money to enter and now they want more i dont think so i hope that get in a hole lot of trouble and have to give people the money they lied about

Dec 2, 2012

award notification commission

just got the mail stating that i need to send $ 11.89 to win and if i dont my entry will be voided oh please ,these people need to get a life.
how did they come by peoples info ?i too entered publishers clearing house, they say they dont share info but.............
i thank good i google them ,this was too good to be true.

Jan 4, 2013

Rip off, frauds

I received a notification saying I won, but I had to send them 11.89. So, like a dumb ass I did it not once but twice, but I put a stop on the second check. They won't get another penny from me, and I hope their sorry asses get caught. If criminals put as much time and effort in getting a job as they do scamming people, they'd probably be rich. So, if any of you pieces of shit are reading this I hope you rot in hell.

Apr 30, 2013

award notification commission

I just decided to look this sweepstake up online, I wish I had done so sooner. I got one of those letters in the mail also but only it said I won there million dollars. Like a fool I sent the money they asked for off and now im feeling dumb. IM not letting them get away with this, im going to find an attorney and Sue if anyone would like to join me in a classifying lawsuit email me at robynn_simmons@yahoo.com

Mar 16, 2014



Oklahoma Kid
May 22, 2014


I too took this to be a real sweepstakes. but just like everyone else I was tricked by the wording. these people are con artist they know how to get you hook line and sinker. Here is a few of the con I receive in the mail Central Awards Distribution Final Judging div. Award Number Processing PO box 2950 Kansas City. KS..Fulfillment Center (NG) PO Box 987 Lees Summit Mo 64063 same scam. Award Notification commission Professional Judging Offices Po Bo. 2905 Kansas city KS They all want money to win DONT SEND These Devils should be Tared and Feathered. They pray on old people All over this nation If you reed carefully You will find they have a lope hole for the money that you send them it buys a pendant not worth 2 cents I agree Someone in Law inforcement should look into this Scam Thanks The Oklahoma Kid P.S. the more people that are informed the less chance that the Scam will go on.,

Jul 25, 2015

2,000,000.oo Award Letter

I received the same letter but I am careful about letters like this! They asked for $12.99 payable to the office of ANC. I have received many other scams in the past. I just wanted other people to know that you should check online about these crooks.

James linbville
Aug 25, 2015

Am I the next sucker

I am reading all this and they want to send it just I case they have been made to make me a winner because so many have complained. No oNE has won at all in the reviews I have seen so far. Please lord make me the first and I'll take back all wrong things I have done and will do right from now on.

Nov 1, 2015


Omg I do need this to be true but I guess it isn't.......so sad oh tear .....I read my official award notification and was so excited until I looked it up on the freaken internet I just have tears and revenge so how do I go about sueing these idiots for damaging my brain I am living a hotel and could only think gollie I could buy a house and have no debt and be stress free for a change but with my luck its a scam I really wanted this to be true ........I reAlly think they should compensate people for this even if it's not 2 million at least it would be something for the great heartache my husband and I have been thru I am sent scams every day and after 200 cash for a fake pch winner my brain and body soul just can't take any more bs signed yours truly
Terres Austin

Dec 22, 2015

Award letter

So I got a letter in the mail today saying I won 2million dollars or I could be paid 66,000 for each month for the next 30 months approximately close to 3 years.
To receive this amount of money all I had to do was affix a stamp to the envelope that was enclosed, sign my legal signature on the affidavit stating which option I chose and to finally include either cash, check, or money order for the amount of $12.95 to help transfer the payment to me as a endorsed check or notarized cashier's check.. This would also pay for my funds to be delivered overnight express mail.... Yeah I don't think so.
Everyone should be very careful with these scammers.
I have been getting the same letter for the past 2 years.
If and when I move I don't put down my first name I don't get a letter but for the past 2 years when I listed my first and last name on my mail post card I get them every few months. Grrrr

Jan 2, 2016


I to got a letter in the mail. I too was excited and sent 15.99 for rush delivery. I did make a photo copy of both the letter and money order. I was hoping it was real. I deciced toMarlene google it and feel like a sucker too. I HOPE NO FALLS FOR THIS SCAM.

Mar 5, 2016

Award Notification Commission

Thank you all for your reviews and broadcast. Whenever I receive lwtters such as this notification, I go online and do research. It was obvious when I read it how is that you are a winner, but yet they ask you to send money. They should send you your award money then ask you to pay them. Anyway, am so sorry you list your money, but it is a good thing you found out before you lose more. Thank you for your reviers and share on here regarding this company. File the petition against these people to FLRA then pass on for everyone's sigatures. Hope that this group will be found guilty and put away for good.

Apr 8, 2016

2,000,000. Million in fraud

I can't beleive this crap it never ends. I have a new baby that needs that 12 dollers for formula glad I googled and found you all here. I want to be a part of a class action law suit if they need more complaints let's all give them a taste of there own medicine my. How do we start the prosses? Lets band together and take frome them what they take from us peope.

May 3, 2016

Lawsuit is the way... Come together people

Almost fell for it... The phraseology- terminology is done well but... Like everyone else in this day in age Google does wonders. If someone knows how maybe try and set up A website and link it to reviews then people can Esign who received letters and with enough signatures get that lawsuit going

May 24, 2016

You are a winner

I just got a letter saying primary award funds have been verifed for winner disposition (yes)amount
$2, 000, 000. 00 30 years annuity or $1,327,940.00 single check,also no taxes withheld, but I need to send a money order for 12.99 to elect "RUSH PROCESSING".
Thank for looking up online i save my money

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