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Dec 31, 2011

Authors not being paid for all sales

ive been doinsum checkin and yep i think i figured it ot somewhat. i noticed my book has 3 publication dates 2 of them are for the papper back version and one is for te ebook which i nderstand hat one but why does my paperback have 2 ones for 1/22/2010 and the other is 1/26/2010 plu i found out the ISBN# i have all rights reservered to has 4 dashes in it. when i went on autorhouses site and put that number in it comes up nothing. because its a 17 digit# with all the dashes. when iet rid of te dashes poof there it is. hence the dead isbn # we are all getting royalties from so check yours. ibet its the same way. im only getting royalties from 1 website on the web all the other webites authorhouse i collecting from. yep i googled the isbn# with all the dashes and only 1site showed up. if i google my isbn# without the dashes dozens of sites pop up and if i google th title of my book its on over700 sites worldwide. and many of them are bestselling sites. im right up there running with larry the cable guys book get-er-dun so authorhouse can kiss my ass!!! ya'll can quote me on that!!!

Feb 23, 2012

Not paying royalties

PLEASE CONTACT ME AT KSophiedog@aol.com. I have experienced many of things you have. I will try to contact people who have complaints. In the meantime contact me at my e-mail address. Thanks. I'm looking forward to speaking with you. K. McWilliams

Feb 24, 2012

Authors not being paid for all sales

My book was published Sept, 2009 and since then I've sold, from Hastings book stores alone, 347 copies. I do not know how many I've sold from other book stores due to fact that they refuse to disclose the information, sighting their contract is with the publishing company not myself. However, from the 347 books sold I've recieved payment on only 20 books. Author house claims that they have no record of anymore sales. Recently my book was released on e-books. I found this out, not through author house but from a friend who purchased it through e-books. Again Author house has denied any sales from e-books. Needless to say I'm more than upset and am in the process of finding an attorney to take on my lawsuit. I'd rather go the route of class action suit if possible so if anyone knows of one, I want in! After reading these complaints, I'm even more angered, which I believed impossible just five minutes ago...

Mar 10, 2012

Non payment of royalties

I'm beginning to wonder about authour house too. I constantly go to the retail stores and see how my book is doing and how it is priced. I was mortified that Amazon had my paperback listed fo $.3.74. I admit I took advantage or this and to find out if it was for real I orderered 25 books. Why not I can turn around and sell them outright for between $13-$15. Immediately the price went back up to over $13.00 for a paperback.With authorhouse and the retail stores no matter what the book sells for the author only gets $2.00 a book is what I've been told. In addition to my book being in 20, 000 book stores I advertize it on Facebook and talk about it everywhere I go. I know I've sold quite a few books, but in 8 months I've received $30 from author house. It also has used books for sale on almost every book store. I told author house I bought these 25 books so I know Amazon sold them and this was a test to seeif they passes. I was goingto write another book but it is not worth the aggravation. Do what I did buy the book cheap and sell it yourself with book signings. You can make $6-7 profit on a book that way and guess what tax free. There is more then one way to skin a cat.

Horror Writer
Mar 11, 2012

Non payment of royalties

I purchased my book from Amazon.com for .73 cents. Isn't that something? We all have been "taken" by the publishing industry. It's all a scam, and so many dirty hands are in on stealing our royalties, including Amazon.com; Lighting Source etc. Only in America, the "big-wigs" are allowed to steal and get away with it. So many authors have made complaints; even to the F.B.I and nothing has been done. You go figure... Stay strong and God Bless.

Mar 11, 2012

Non payment of royalties

I got a measly check for $5.23 in the mail yesterday from author house, I thought they didn't send the checks out unless they are at least $25.00. I looked in the author center and there are two more royalty statements. for more then that. The check stubs don't even have an explanation as to how they derived at this figure.
You should have bought up a bunch of your books at that price also. Thi summer I plan on setting up a table in different areas and have book signings. We'll see how it goes but it cn't be any worse. Do they think we are stupid. People tell me when they bought the book. Look me up on Facebok Rebecca Loban Russell and you will see how I'm advertising.

Gloria Crabtree
Apr 14, 2012


I would like to share my story. I spent $22,000.00 dollars with Authorhouse in 2009 and have only received about $60.00.
We are looking for someone to do a Class Action Lawsuit against Authorhouse/Authorsolutions. We have one Law firm that
seems interested. Eric, Vaughn, Flam, Esquire. They are out of NYC. evf@sovrlaw.com If you are interested please send
a message to them. Authorhouse are big corporate crooks and know how to work the system. Also Credo a Govt. watchdog
is looking into this. For people who are unaware of Authorhouse stay clear. They will take your money and then ask for more.
They are selling my book on Ebay without my permission and e- book. My book is selling on Nextag for $6.08 and I paid
$10.25 a book (HC) my cost. Look on bookfinder.com and see if they are using your correct ISBN#. Mine was wrong.
Thank you Donna R. Bannister Author of "What's On MY Mind And In My Heart"

Jan 3, 2013

dishonest service

This publisher is not reliable and dishonest! If you want to deal with them - please read the contact very carefully because they have double meanings and some shady moments in it. because of that I was overcharged when I published my book and received nothing when it was sold.

Jan 5, 2013

misrepresented their services

Beware of this company! I published a book there and I will never recommend their services to anyone! They misrepresented their services and didn't complete several offers but charged me as everything was complete and they didn't make any sense after my complaint. Beware and think twice before dealing with them!

Jul 15, 2013

Non Payment

I just had my book Lily's Rag Doll published with AuthorHouse last fall. I.put a lot of money in this book and that company. I have not recieved payment at all, and when the book was published they misspelled a bunch of words then wanted me to pay.for misprint. Then in March 2013 they contacted me and said i.could go to three of their big events planned for.this year but wanted nearly $5,000.00 more. Now they wont even.speak to me on the subject of payment and instead they tell me no sales have been made. Im thinking of filing a lawsuite against them, this is unspeakable and definatly not hoe i.thought this pocess would go.

Oct 1, 2013


Urgent. Urgent. Urgent
Is their anyone out there who has had a positive publication and payment of royalties with Author House and, did they do everything their contract and do everything they promised.
Please contact COWBOY wtcowboy0553@aol.com

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