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Consumer reviews about Ausfis

Jan 4, 2012

Scam and Fraud

Hi there.
please be warned, ausfis is just a scam.yesterday i got a call from a lady by the name of mitchel from ausfis.she sounded like a nice lady.she asked me some question which i didnt have a problem with it.i only started to have a problem when she started asking about my banking details.lucky enough ive old bank account which im not using anymore.so i gave her all the datails about it.can you believe what happened.while we where still talking, i heared a massege coming to my phone, but i didnt check on the spot.when we finished with our talking, then i checked my masseges only to find that theyve tried to debt my account R6620.68 Iinstead of R2390 ONLY.so please guys beawere of this scam.they are here to rip us off what we worked hard for.i think we need to do researches first before we fall into this scams.especialy we south africans.i dont know why we easly fall into scams just like that.THANX for reading this email.

Jan 4, 2012

Scam and Fraud

even today they tryed to take my money more than 300euro, be awere it is a scam .

Jan 12, 2012


I received calls from AUSFIS eventhough i had unsubscribed my e-mail address from their website immediately after registration upon discovering that i have to make a lump sum payment for their services. I only picked up their call once which is an hour ago. This woman on the other side of the phone kept going on and go that i am more than eligible to apply for a PR because of my age, professional qualification, working experience, English level etc. Then she proceeded with the advantanges of moving to Australia such as the country's social security services etc and thereafter promoted the company's lawyers services which of course, comes with a fee, etc. She went on and on and i barely had the time to even breathe! Next, she said our telephone conversation is highly secure and no one else can listen to our talk etc and then asked for my credit card details! When i told her that i needed to do further research on her company and i am in the midst of my work (the call was during office hours), she said let's talk woman to woman, she had been talking to me for the past 30 minutes and i now give her reasons just to end the call? etc. I didn't wait for her to finish and i ended the call by telling her that "I think i don't have to take this!" I will definitely write a complain to Australia immigration and the police force about this company.

Fuck you AUSFIS
Jan 24, 2012

Scam and Fraud

Unbelievable the amount of complaints here. The files they send you over email are malicious virus. I hope everyone starts researching online EVERY company that you are going to deal with in advance of making payments. This life lesson cost my 491 Eur. I think people paid enough for other to avoid this trap. The best thing we can all do it tell this story to everyone we know, advise them to never ever trust or do business or give your personal information over the phone or online without checking company's references first. I see so many useless chain emails to all my friends. I suggest we all start a chain email against this company and others that are a fraud and warn as many as we can. by the way: AusFis... I want a refund.

Jan 27, 2012

Scam and Fraud

I'm also a victim here.a guy called Tim Morgon, they said my details need to do the assessment for check whether i'm enough point for the SKILLED VISA australia... and he asked me to pay 358 sing dollars, which is 215 euro ... today i check my account they deduct 370.69... think that maybe depends on the convert rate... but they done nothing... they send me all the link for the some kind of writer, , , , i don't know what it use for... besides i ask them how many days need to take for process... but till now there is no answer for how many days for the process... such a scam company... we can actually submit to the bank report that this company as a scam.. and bank maybe can help us...

Jan 27, 2012

Scam and Fraud

hey, buddy... i think better block the visa card or credit card..then AUSFIS can not take the money from your account... anyway... i have been cheated 370 dollars by AUSFIS... i block my visa card yesterday... and do a dispute of this transition... hope our bank can do something... and AUSFIS such an ass hole... they will get what they deserved after they done all of this to us victims...

Patricia Borges
Jan 31, 2012

Scam and Fraud

My name is Patricia, my husband have been a victim of this scam, the same thing happen and we got charged on our credit card. We have NOT been informed that they would charge for the phone call, as far as we understood the charges was to pay for a SERVICE which was up to him to decide in taking or not. And by the way your "service" has never been used by us. The only thing was a phone call to get to know his wishes to migrate to Australia.
Its been more than a week and I am trying to get my refund. I feel that I have been in a scam and seriously injured by this company. Now I have read in Google the bad reviews about AUSFIS and I fully agree that they are a SCAM and FRAUDE company that takes advantage of people´s dreams and language barrier to charge whatever you want for a service that you will never offer.

Feb 2, 2012

Scam and Fraud

Dear Ms. Dana,
Just only today I have made a payment amounting to 221 euro.I would like to confirm if your organization is real.?
I called to refund my money as after I gave my credit card number, I received message from my credit card informing I was deducted 221EUR. A big mistake as when searched on the google ausfis.org is scam.
Please help me to refund my money as I'm not earning much and that amount taken it will helps a lot my family.

Hoping for a best result whether I can get my money back or have Australian visa.

Abdul Haseeb Ahmad
Mar 1, 2012

Scam and Fraud

I am also the victom of this shit, ausfis is a fraud, and there only work is to collect money for any means. I read many comments and shout of people. Because of these thing trust on web pages and people is about to finish. Because of some bastards like ausfis organization. I don't know why Australian goverment is quite, are they not reading these complaints or they are giving full support to this organization. Because they are using and convincing people that they are part of goverment, other wise no body will give money. And every organization has some polices and it has nothing here and on other places, I read different charges. I don't know why?? And for prosececution DANA SMITH is here only to say "Oh, you are suffered, send me your details...etc" but why not she try to improve her organization.? This is realy a SCAM... So, my request to all is, "You are suffered, lets save others from this FRAUD."

Lea chan
Mar 2, 2012

Scam and Fraud

I just received a call from ausfis.org as well!! After reading all these comments, I'm so worried. They have immediately deducted my credit card of euro 789 for some stupid foreign language CDs!!
I felt something fishy bout the whole phone conversation. However, the 'John' guy seems to be so genuine.

Now I hope I can get back my refund of initial euro 99 and today euro 789!!!
Yes!! They have deducted twice from my account!
I hope the gov would do something to this ausfis and shut them down!


Mar 25, 2012

Scam and Fraud

Ausfis is a BIG spam and FRAUD. i and my friend is a victim of their company. they called me that they will assess my qualification with their international to help improve my chance to apply for a permanent visa to Australia, they take 280€ from my credit card. my friend also the same happen to him but nothing good happens. they are BIG THIEFS. all their workers and those who took our money will suffer, they will never never find peace in their life.

Lea chan
Mar 25, 2012

Scam and Fraud

I have my fair share of experience recently as well. I have canceled my services with them and they just refused to refund me in full. They took Euro 888 from me and merely agreed to refund me Euro 389! How ridiculous is this.
Therefore, I hope everyone of you who were a victim please lodge your complain to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. I asked them numerous time for their 'physical' office address and they ignored my request. Tell me, how genuine is this company if they refused to acknowledge all my requests? I even requested to meet up with the staff who called me and the manager. They did not reply me.
Repeating that their final decision on cancellation is refunding me less than half of what I paid.
May i asked, on what ground did they based on to come out with such a decision? There were no explanation at all!
Please everybody, let's us all do something and get the authority to deal with them.

dorarose mayor
Oct 15, 2012


Just to let you know guys that this organization is really a scam,I register myself online ,and when I know that there is a fees,I right away move back on homepage,then that day they called up my husband in UK,and asking for payment ,but my husband ddn't do anything he told the person that they need to contact me here in Saudi Arabia,he received a called 2x from this company,asking for the payment again,my husband told them again to ring me in my number and today I received a called from them ,and telling me that I need to complete my details,and my husband already paid $84 dollars,I said to them I'm not interested anymore ,the lady said she will inform her manager about this and they'll contact me within 72 hours.Before they contact me here in Saudi Arabia,I already searched the company standing ,and I found out that this is a notorious company who asked for money right away.That lady is a liar ,my husband didn't pay any amount to them.The Australian company should act on this business scam before a lot of people victimized by this company.They are a BIG LICHE.....

Nov 20, 2012


I've received today a call of AUSFIS as well.
By the morning I register myself on the website of Ausfis, but when I saw that we need to pay some amount, I moved back. They've call me a few minutes ago, making some questions about my intent do go living in Australia. Then the asked me my credit card number to make some necessary payments to be able to get VISA. Fortunately, I told them that I left my credit card at home so, if they want they could call me tomorrow morning. But right now, after reading the experiences below, I’m afraid of giving them my credit card number, because it appears to be some kind of scam or even a fraude. I thought that AUSFIS was a offical site of th Australia Government but I can see now that I was wrong.

Apr 9, 2013


I've received such a call myself and they did ask for the details of 2 of my cards (1 Master, the other Visa) in case either fails. I did commit the mistake of providing them with the details but after the lengthy conversation with one of their officers, I became more and more sceptical about the whole situation.

Anyways, I called my bankers up immediately to cancel my cards and Ausfis hasn't been able to deduct any amount from me. It's been close to a year now and I do get calls from their Melbourne and US offices from time to time.

I urge all of you not to be swayed by their convincing talk. And please do not disclose any bank or other personal details to anybody from Ausfis.

Nov 4, 2013

Ausfis is a Scam organization!

I felt somthing fishy about the conversation aswell.(no one is working late sunday evenings in a call center..)
I told them all my credit card details and directly after I felt that something was wrong. I quickly went into my account and transfered my money to another account so that they couldn't take my money. I didn't want them to get upset (because they had my credit card details) so I told them I would pay tomorrow.
The lady went mad and swore to god that they were not a scam organization. I told her that if she was not. Then She would give me their details so I could pay next day. We ended the call as "friends". I directly called my bank and blocked my card. But I have received information from them. Where to pay. This might be useful for someone. I have reported it to the police in my homecountry (but I guess they won't do anything). But if a lot of people in Sweden report it they'll go out with information here. But it won't stop Ausfis I guess. But since I haven't payed it is hard for me to go any further.

I don't know if it is legal to put information here about their account numbers. But if someone is interested in going further with this I'd try to help.

It is definitely a scam organization! I hope they'll pay for there sins.. Hope someone gets them to do it!! Since when should I pay to Austria if I would like a visa in Australia.... ?!



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