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Aspen Dental

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Consumer reviews about Aspen Dental

depressed over ill dentures!!
Dec 9, 2011

Class Action Lawsuit against Aspen Dental

Aspen dental is far from cheap if you are looking for cheap and nice go to affordable dentures . At least they look nice and fit perfect from everyone I know . I truly wish I would have researched more I went to aspen and what a mistake it was I got the most expensive set of dentures they have thinking they would fit good and look nice well neither happened. They say they'll give your smile back oh ya my smile is soo ugly I have to cover my mouth when I laugh because of the big gums and teeth they put in my mouth it is so embarrassing I am almost in a depression because of this I only had them put in right after I had all my teeth pulled so I wouldnt have to go without teeth and be embarrassed well that didnt work . I have tried and tried to get them to fix them or give me a new pair but they say o dont worry bout how ugly they are just remember these are just temporary and your new set will be much better. So I guess just stay inside for 6 months and dont worry .. Ya easy for them to say, , , I would really like something done about this and trust me they will do something about it or I am planning on seeing a lawer.I am having to pay almost six thousand dollars for this set of teeth that I hate. Sad very Sad...

Dec 14, 2011


I had mini implants put in 2 weeks ago, I made them take them out as 2 of the posts were infecting my lower gum, the dentist I had slipped while drilling the holes and tore into my gum, nothing heals. I am still on pain meds and mouth rinses. Gums are swelling and now I have pain along my entire lower left jaw. I wasnt numb when he began drilling the holes, he kept giving me more needles but may as well have been water. So painful... removing them was no easier. Still in severe pain a week later. Avoid these dentists.

Jan 4, 2012

Class Action Lawsuit against Aspen Dental

There is a class action lawsuit being filed and we need your help with information relative to your experience with Aspen Dental.

Please contact me at researchpartners@verizon.net to provide a contact number that I can provide to the attorney filing the action. Your help would be very much appreciated. Aspen has complaints against them all over the country and we need to put a stop to their wrongful business practices.

Nancy M. Leathers
Private Investigator #75
Scituate, RI

Jan 10, 2012

Bad way to treat customers

PLEASE HELP us with a class action lawsuit. Your contact info would be helpful which I will forward to the attorney filing the case. Your help would be appreciated. Please forward to reachpartners@verizon.net

Jan 10, 2012

Aspen Dental Mass Action Lawsuit Forming

PLEASE HELP us with a class action lawsuit. Your contact info would be helpful which I will forward to the attorney filing the case. Your help would be appreciated. Please forward to reachpartners@verizon.net

Jan 10, 2012

Unsatisfactory work

PLEASE HELP us with a class action lawsuit. Your contact info would be helpful which I will forward to the attorney filing the case. Your help would be appreciated. Please forward to reachpartners@verizon.net

Praying on people
Jan 10, 2012

Aspen Dental Mass Action Lawsuit Forming

I know I should file...they never scaled my son's teeth and charged me for it...Also, I am not sure if he will be able to get his teeth scaled, since insurance was involved and they may say that because they paid something towards it last year, that they won't cover it again for another year!
Most definitely a horrible place to go, at least the place in Peabody, MA...

Jan 13, 2012


I do think they need to be investigated. I took my daughter to the aspen in Pensacola Fl. today. They made a very long list of what she needed done. I know it must be thousands of dollars worth. I took her because she has had a toothache and has 2 rotten teeth. I am sure she does need things done other than the 2 teeth but the list just seemed outrageous, so outrageous that I am considering seeing another dentist for second opinion. I saw one complaint on the internet about them having to sit down with someone at the end of the visit as if you were buying a car. That is true. The dentist didn't hardly do anything today but by the way the lady acted I am going to receive some kind of a bill.

matt murray
Jan 17, 2012

Rip off

I went there and they told me I needed six thousand worth of work so I asked for a copy of the exam and they wouldnt even give it to me and had the gall to say the doctor wrote it in another language !! There were so many red flags I couldnt believe it...they clearly were lying and just trying to drive up the price.. They are total crooks I cant believe what I heard from them

matt murray
Jan 17, 2012


they wanted to charge six thousand worth of work and wouldnt give me a copy of the exam what kind of dentist wont give you a a copy of the exam? whats the secret? It definitely seemed like they were running up the bill and they wanted 40 percent that day! 40 percent of six thousand??? what a joke

Jan 19, 2012

Aspen Dental Mass Action Lawsuit Forming

Is this lawsuit the same class action suit being brought about by attorneys in CT and NY? I have a pretty scary story to tell about malpractice, but have already spoken with an attorney that is forming the suit.


And for other readers - you are not alone. Aspen Dental is a criminally corrupt company who inflicts intentional damage on patients to extract more money from them. Heinous behavior. I would also suggest the attorneys to explore the relationship between the BBB and Aspen's corporate office. How is it that they have such a high grade with so many complaints? My complaint was quickly shut down after Aspen simply denied any wrong doing. No request for information, nothing. The BBB just closed it! Someone there is on Aspen's payroll!

Praying on people
Jan 19, 2012

Aspen Dental Mass Action Lawsuit Forming

The BBB has been out of the closet for some time on their connections to bad businesses. It was a few years ago that it was exposed that BBB is bought by a company simply paying them. It has no real standing and for any business I would use Yelp to find out whether or not a company has a good track record (Yes, I wish I used my own advice, as I would have never gone to Aspen Dental to begin with).

Lincoln Nebraska
Jan 25, 2012


DANGER!!! Please Do not use ASPEN Dental
I just got done with Aspen dental In Lincoln Nebraska, I had a very bad wisdom tooth, It was removed, then the one next to it was removed at the same time, Its been over a week, My face is still largely swollen, I cant open my jaw, The disolvable stitches that they used didn't last two days. I am wide open on my jaw from the joint to under my eye on the lower jaw. It stopped bleeding yesterday.
The pain I am in is absolutely excruciating, I think the Dentist may have dislocated my jaw while removing the second tooth. I have never had a dentist so rough in my 43 years. I am having trouble today seeing out of my left eye, pressure in my neck and face is painful. I am on antibiotics however I think that they are not working, I am beginning to wonder if infection is not spreading, I have a severe headache and stiffness in my neck. I feel sick.
Like i said my gum is wide open, i can fold it over completely, Also I am almost certain about the infection as i now have a mouth full of painful sores, cancer type. Never had a problem with them before. I am wondering if the Dental tools were steril.

Feb 4, 2012


I went to the Aspen Dental in Council Bluffs, Ia and had three teeth pulled on a Wednesday. On Friday I went back in due to a dry socket. On Saturday I called their 800 number and left a message and no one returned my call. I called the 800 again and no one returned my call. So I called a third time to the 800 number and they said that the only office open in my area was at 72nd and Dodge in Omaha. I went their and they had to pull part of the tooth that was left by the Council Bluffs office. They gave me stitches and pain pills for two days. It has been a week and I still have pain in my tooth that was next to the one they pulled and they tell me there is nothing wrong and I must be crazy and gave me a lesson in pain in the mouth like I was 10 years old. I have been living with ice and heat on my mouth for the last week every two hours and still have a lot of pain. I called the 800 number today and they said that the aftercare I received was up to their standards and I should go see a Psychologist. This is a load of horse crap, I am not crazy, I am in pain. I am 47 years old and know what pain feels like.

Feb 5, 2012

Worst Experience of my Life

You have to have a crown on a root canaled tooth and any dentist that tells you otherwise should have their license taken.

james topkings
Feb 5, 2012

Worst Experience of my Life


jan j
Feb 17, 2012


I have had the worst experience with Aspen Dental then I have ever had in my life, back in November 2010 I was told that i had to have all my teeth pulled and fitted for dentures and that I would feel so much better when done well here it is well over a year now and I still cannot wear my bottom ones at all and the top get very irritating by the end of the work day and I can't wait to get home to take them out, They also had to remake them because I have a very small mouth and they were way to big to begin with they also would not even let me put the final ones in until I signed a paper that stated I was satisfied with them? well I signed it because I needed teeth and I work close with the public and have to be able to have them understand me when I talk. I can not enjoy going out to eat because I do not feel comfortable eating without them in front of anyone so I eat at home alone. They have just kept telling me I need to keep coming back for adjustments? how many adjustment can they do before getting it right?

Feb 26, 2012

Charging us for services covered by insurance

I agree, I too have periodontal disease per Aspen Dental and they probed my gums to prove it. Probe is whenthey stick the measuring pick in the gaps of your gums to see the depth. Anything 4 or less is great. 6 and up is bad news.
Intial probing for me was all below 5. They scheduled me back A MONTH later to document chnages of depth since the firs time there was no evidence of gum disease!!
This time, the hygienist decided to shove the probe and creat depth in my gum to read the numbers she wanted. I had no bleeding the first time around, but had 5 suctions will major bleeding and pain the second time around. As a metter of fact i was on 800 mg ibprofene for three days to subside the inflammation and pain.
Of course no surprise all my numbers were 5-7 this time around and I was declared to have periodontal disease.
I since have gone to periodontist and have NO gum disease. My dentist friends suggested I talk to a lawyer.

Mar 1, 2012

The worst place you can go to get dental services

I have had it with this company. I was just on hold for 40 minutes waiting to talk to someone about my aweful experience today. Finally hung up. I want a lawsuit on their ass. I was told I was taking up the doctors lunch time.

Mar 8, 2012

Scammed by Aspen Dental

I just went to Aspen Dental, and seemed to have a good appointment. I was given an X-Rays and a exam. It was determined I have early Periodontitis. They explained to me what it is, and a treatment plan for the future. I was also informed of 2 cavities. After the xrays and exam were completed I was sent to a consultant to discuss payment. I was sold the periodontal toothbrush for 99 dollars after a fifty dollar coupon they gave me (the brush retails for 160 online). I was given a treatment plan of cleanings spaced out 3 months for a year, as well as the 2 cavity fills. One of the filling is white and not covered by insurance. I PAID NOTHING AT MY FIRST APPOINTMENT. The total cost was $1, 635 and after my insurance benefits my out of pocket expense will be $325 ( which i used their payment plan 18months no interest and nothing paid until after my first cleaning. $325 bucks for Chlorex irragation, Chlorexdine rinse for my home, Flu 1.1 neutral Sod Gel (toothpaste), Rotodent Peridontal instrument (best electric toothbrush), Desenitiving paste for the initial deep cleaning to remove plaque from under the gums, and 4 cleanings. THAT IS THE PLAN THEY LAID OUT FOR ME. I could choose to follow it and pay the $325 or leave and pay nothing. Maybe you should educate yourself before going somewhere, especially when it says Xrays and Exam free right on the door you have to walk through to get in the place. you act like you walk in and you come out 30 minutes owing 3 or 4 thousand. I was pleased with my visit the hygienist, dentist, and consultant were all nice and made me feel comfortable. I am actually looking forward to going back.

Jul 19, 2012

Apsen Dental

I went there on an emergency basis, for an abscess on my tooth, they gave me antibiotics and a pain reliever. then a long detailed bill of things that they said I needed done. I went back assuming they were going to fix the broken tooth, they didn't they gave a me a treatment of some sort , that my regular dentist said was unnecessary. furthermore a week after that treatment I ended up back on antibiotics for the same tooth that they didn't fix the first time, I went to my regular dentist, finally, and they fixed it all. I have now been pain free and infection free for two weeks!! Thank God I stopped before things got worse, oh and just for the record...I have great teeth not one missing and only 4 fillings! my last filling was dome when i was 14!!! so explain the huge bill they gave?!?!?! not to mention...they charged my credit care $1000.00, for work that wasn't done!!! they need to be taken care of!!!!

Jul 25, 2012

Aspen Dental

Lost a filling and went to Aspen Dental. They found 6500 in needed work, 2 root canals, 2 cavities, cleaning. Went to another dentist, $145 to fill the tooth +$75 for a cleaning. No root canal needed, no cavities. People, do NOT go to Aspen Dental. This place is an abominable rip-off.

Dec 30, 2012


I am a dental professional with 20 years experience. I went to Buffalo, NY Aspen dental had the FREE consultation and Xrays - panoramic (goes around your head) and then an full mouth set of xrays. NO CHARGE. I sat in the chair and I already knew I HAD NO CAVITIES OR SUBGINIGVAL CALCULUS. And guess what? They commented on how well maintained I was and that all I needed was a cleaning (which I did).
If you do not engage actively in maintaining your car for years and then go to the mechanic and receive a HUGE bill, guess what!
You EARNED that BILL! I have regular dental cleanings and have had for 20 YEARS!
My periodontal probings ARE all within normal limits - no bone loss. And NO subginigval calculus. BUT if I had bone loss and lots of stuff to clean up ya, I'm looking at 4-5 dental cleaning appointment at about 150 per appointment.
Come on, please do not think that as professionals you can come in and be away for 4-7 years and then say, I had a cleaning 6 months ago. It is insulting!

Sep 8, 2015

horrible care and fraudulent billing practices

We went to aspen dental and received a quote and then received a second quote. We were required to give them 4000 cash up front for a package. They told us that my husband would need all of his teeth pulled and to be fitted for dentures. His dentures do not fit and we returned several times to have them relined. He then got a horrible infection in his mouth and we went to urgent care. I received a huge bill from them even though I had already received my insurance payment and statement. When I called the office I was told that their billing office is in another state? Then I received another insurance statement that shows that they billed my insurance for something that was part of the "package" that we had already paid for. Then I find out that they are double billing my insurance past the quoted amount. These people are crooks and I want to sue them. I have high end federal dental insurance due to being a federal employee (opting into this high end insurance) and have spoken with someone about their fraudulent billing practices. I hope to bring charges against their office.

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