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Consumer reviews about Arise

Jan 20, 2012

Arise is a SCAM

I noticed Miranda is posting on this forum as well. She is an Arise Troll. She wroks for hte company and trolls all the scam forums and ties to convince people that Arise is a good company. Arise has NUMEROUS class action lawsuits, one of hte most sugnificant in California. In November, I borught a new ACP on board and he chose the Barnes and Noble client, mind you this is a family member, I do not recruit SCP's as I am afraid of the reputation I will get from dealing with this company. Anyway, the new ACP paid the money to be ACP 101 certified, passed background, paid for hte course and worked hard and well for B&N. What Arise did NOT say in its advertisement is that B&N was a SEASONAL position!! His SOW is being terminated on 1/31. He has met all of his metrics, and does a good job. Here is where Karma comes in. This guys is a RETIRED federal agent and is going to persue a criminal complaint against Arise and those within the corporate structure who are responsible for misleading and basically fleecing people. I am waiting for my SOW to end and I am GONE! I have not met even ONE ACP who has not had MAJOR problems with this company, NOT ONE and I come in contact with many of them via our Facebook groups and networking. The owners of this company need to be jailed. And Miranda. to put it mildly, you're transparent and in my opinion... a douche. I hope you're one of the ones that go to jail.

Matthew S
Feb 7, 2012

Arise is a SCAM

Arise.com is providing a service to promote tax evasion and no benefits to hard working Americans. If we allow companies like Arise.com to grow not only will the U.S. be broke but many Americans won't benefit from the protections that we have fought so hard against big businesses.

Arise.com practices a miss-labeled relationship with many hard working Americans doing their job from home offices. The reason why I say this statement is because the relationship between Arise.com and these "independent contractors" is an employer-employee relationship. Not only does Arise.com train these "business professionals" to do a job in a particular way but they do ongoing training about procedures and methods (which is mandatory and not paid). Furthermore, they have an evaluation system that measures the details of how the work is performed (which many times these measures are not even capable of meeting because the client’s applications don't work a quarter of the time). They also require "independent contractors" to lie to the Customers they help. They tell them to say "We are in a call center in (the state the company is in)”instead of telling them they work from home. This is probably to avoid smart people to understand the fraud they are committing. Arise.com also tells you what type of equipment that can be used. Their equipment that they make you use limits when and where you can work. All in all, Arise.com is conducting their business to have complete "behavioral control" which establishes an employer/employee relationship and not a self-employed contractor and Arise.com (B2B relationship).

Another indication that the Arise.com wrongfully demonstrates a B2B relationship is because they have a "base pay" which is a guaranteed amount of money that they pay for hourly work (most of the time this base pay is lower than most states minimum wage). Where Arise.com might be getting away with this is through the "opportunity of profit loss". Arise.com has no problem allowing hard working Americans to lose money doing a venture with them. They may say it’s all in the name of doing business but this is just wrong.

Essentially what this boils down to is Arise.com pays their "independent contractors" (employees) a very small amount of money so that they don't have to pay much taxes and they don't have to pay any employment taxes or provide any benefits for the thousands of people they get to blindly call their "business professionals" and "independent contractors". Arise.com pushes and pushes these hard working Americans to understand that the relationship is B2B but at the end of the day they have complete control over these people which again demonstrates an employer/employee relationship.

Not only is Arise.com unpatriotic but at a time when the US government is at the brink of bankruptcy; this is just wrong. I want to think that the large companies, that are Arise.com client’s (I won't name them for their sake), are unaware of the situation. They probably are thinking about their shareholders and how much money they are saving on this cheap labor. And they want to look good about it so they tell people "We are bringing the jobs back to America"!!! Hurray!!!

Don't be so blind and to think that providing the service that undermines the American Labor laws is a win for the U.S. The jobs that Arise.com provides are underpaid and obviously wrongfully miss-classified to prevent the cost of benefits and taxes. Arise.com should be stopped and all Americans should be made aware of this type of fraud.

Mar 10, 2012

Arise is a SCAM

All I am reading is how terrible and how great this company is. What do you do for them? I cannot find anything saying something about what you as an employee do for the company. Can someone please explain?

Apr 8, 2012

Arise is a SCAM

I've worked for Arise for a little over a year. I've worked customer service clients and sales clients. I was not thrilled when I started because of all the money you had to put up front. With equipment, incorporation, and training you start out in the hole around $300-400. The training classes vary by company: some are only about 4 weeks, while others can last over 2months. You do not get paid for any of your training. Once you certify for a client you schedule yourself from hours that are posted as available to work. This is a great feature because I have children, so the flexibility is great. However, many of the clients have seasonal peaks and lows. You may have a week where you could work 40+ hrs and the next week you won't be able to get enough to meet the hours you are required to work in your client contract. You do get paid twice monthly but you absolutely need to keep track of the hours you work independently because there have been many instances when the amount I was paid was considerably less that what I should have been paid. In those cases you have to submit "Tickets" to the support department and wait to hear back which can take quite a while. I was always reimbursed when there were discrepancies. My only big issue with Arise occurred recently. I had been working for Carnival Cruise Line Direct Sales Dept. for almost a year. My contract had been renewed and extended. I had been meeting all my metrics goals and was a top performer under my Performance Facilitator. I had received no negative evaluations or notifications about my job performance until one day, out of the blue, I received an email informing me that my contract was being terminated because I had not met a requirement in my client contract. I was totally blind-sided. When I tried to get more information about the termination and find what options may be available to me, all my attempts at communication were ignored. Even my own Performace Facilitator couldn't get any information out of them and was as confused by the termination as I was. So to summarize, NO Arise is not technically a scam. You do get paid and you don't have to call people at home, stalking them to get them to buy things from you. However, you have to realize that you will be required to spend a considerable amount of money up front, the hours available can vary drastically, and you will receive little, to no support if you have any issues. You can be terminated from any client, for any reason, without any warning except an email when you find out that none of your codes work and they have released all your scheduled hours. It's a gamble. Some people can make it work but many more do not. After recent events with the company, I have to admit I have been greatly disappointed and am unsure if I will work for them again or possibly switch to a different company. I enjoy working for companies that make you feel like an asset and Arise just seems to reaffirm that you are expendable.

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