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Consumer reviews about anastasiadate

Feb 16, 2012

Total Scam

Have you used the ukrainebridesagency.com website and if so what is your opinion of it? Is is full of scams or are there some honest women?

John Dennison
Feb 29, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

Truth, come clean, why are you doing all this? Have you ever written to Anastasia and asked for a Refund or anythign like that? Genuinely, I'm intrested.

Mar 7, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

I have been a member of the site for over 2-1/2 years and know them very, very well in their fraudulent ways

Mar 7, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

One person who posted on this site I warned them about anastasia but did not listen to me and guess what they got scammed big time by the site

Failure to listen = Failure to learn

Mar 7, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

So none of these are things that happened to you? You just googled other people's reviews and reposted them? Why remain a member for 2.5 years if you don't like them. WALK AWAY

Mar 7, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

Why is a woman commenting on a site for men? I assume of course you are a woman

It is not about none of these things happening but exposing the site and what it wants buried. These things happened to others continuous complaints have been made about this site to warn others. What others choose to do with it is up to them but I am experienced enough to know otherwise

If you are a woman then it is you who need it WALK away from talking about a site that only deals with men since men and not women are the ones paying all the money on the site

Mar 7, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

The purpose of these complaints is to
1. Reveal
2. Warn
3. Protect (others from being scammed)

That's why they are here and I am glad that others have told me that they are being helped and that's what I am here for.

Burt Sandblaster
Mar 7, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

If you don't want women or other people to comment on your rants, then quit posting them on public boards.

Mar 7, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

@Burt Sandblaster-HOLD UP THERR JUNIOR

1. You are NOT a Senior on this site-I am. People who need advice on sites don't listen to you but they will listen to me
2. These are NOT Rants but actual complaints-Learn the difference and there are hundreds of them out there about this corrupt site
3. As long as these complaints are there to protect people from being scammed from sites like these which has been blacklisted elsewhere might I add I will continue to post in order to protect people

AND JUNIOR if you have a problem with it then please by all means "TRY" and take it down...but I am glad to be of help to people and that's why I am a SENIOR here and YOU still remain a JUNIOR.

At least I am not some troll that is just posting comments about other people's complaints because they don't have anything else to do in their life.

Burt Sandblaster
Mar 7, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

first off - you don't know me so don't call me Junior.

I know how this site works and I have been around enough to know exactly who you are. Just because my account isn't as old as yours doesn't mean a thing.

There are no such things as Junior and Senior members so get off your high horse.

If they were actual complaints, you would have stopped after 1, maybe 2. You have written 99 complaints about the same thing. Your rants don't protect anyone. They just highlight your mental instability.

I never threatened to take down any of your rants, so I don't know where your threat to me about trying to remove things and that whole bs senior/junior thing again.

You have shown your true colors. You come off like a raving lunatic - so I doubt you have any more support or clout here than I do. But nice try there chap.

Finally - you want to talk about someone with nothing better to do with their life? I post 3-4 comments and I am a loser? What does that make someone who spends all his time complaining about russian bride and dating sites because even they don't want him? They are nothing but rants. There are no cohesive thoughts at all. Just a sad man who can't get a date even if he pays for it.

Your mountain of rants and the corresponding comments speak volumes.

I feel sorry for you. You are obviously crying out for help with all your shouting and ranting and raving about the same handful of sites.

You need to make yourself feel more important than you really are - I see where your bs junior/senior thing comes from.

Maybe one day you will join the big boys club - but not today little buddy, not today.

Mar 7, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

LISTEN WELL: I have been scammed by this site

If someone wishes to get scammed and fails to listen to what I have to say then by all means let it be your choice...but I was scammed literally thousands by the site with nothing to show for it and I am not the only one who can bear witness of that since there are hundreds of stones out there about this.

Jim's Lists which is one the most reliable antiscam sites out there has blacklisted this site and he has received hundreds of letters from men who have been scammed by anastasiadate

As for being on the site. i have been a member on the site but I am not active like I was in the past meaning I do not purchase from the site but I do have a membership there.

The site is a SCAM-period and END of story and no proud and cocky inexperienced individual is going to tell me otherwise when the site has done great damage to many men's lives.

The Exposer-Revealer
Mar 7, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

@ Burt Sandblaster-Listen To TruthIsNowTold

He is talking the truth and there are dozens of antiscam sites that bear testimonial to what he is saying and hundreds of men all over the place who bear also witness to this as well.

This is the case of just one stubborn person who is wanting to get burned. If you want fire then by all means go ahead and strike the match

...But don't say you were not warned to not play with the Flames.

The Exposer-Revealer
Mar 8, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

You Have Been Warned

John Dennison
Mar 13, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

oh dear, I am afraid that TruthisNow told and The Exposer Revealer are the same person.

Well, great, thanks, we all get the message, now stop spamming these boards ok? This place at one time used to be fairly useful, but mental incompetents such as yourself are ruining it for the rest of us.

Let me put it this way, I feel sorry for the companies that you are writing about. To have a customer such as you must be a huge burden on their collective sanity.

Now do yourself a favor and reel yourself in dear boy before they come a knocking for you!

Mar 14, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

@John Dennison-LEARN WELL

You may be on this site to annoy people by being an INTERNET TROLL but I am on this site to PROTECT people and to HELP people

There was one guy on this very site who felt he knew more than me about an issue with Anastasiadate I posted about and when I warned him he did not listen and was eventually scammed and could not dare face me to reply back to me when I tried to reach him after that he was scammed knowing that I was right. Too bad it was too late and he had to go through some hardship to come to his senses.

Let me show you what he said


Complaints board
Posted: 24th of Nov, 2011 by Pravilna, Texas, United States -1 Votes
Commented on the Topic: Anastasiadate.com, Maine, Posted: 2011-08-31 by CJNewton

"I think TruthNowTold needs to take a more balanced viewpoint. Anastasia is a business and they charge top dollar for their service because they have a product which appeals to a certain population at that price point."

More Balanced Viewpoint??? Oh Really? You see people can talk before they get Scammed but after they get scammed their tune and their talk somewhat gets changed"

1. FIRSTLY- A woman is NOT a Product but a Person-That's Disrespectful to women to call them that.
2. SECONDLY-Anastasiadate is in business-The "Business" of Scamming People
3. THIRDLY-Finding a person is NOT about going to an Auction House where you have to bid at the highest price. A Woman again is NOT merchandise but a Human Being.


Let's See Now if he changes His Tune. I quote part of his own comments
Rip off Report
Submitted: Monday, February 06, 2012
Reported By: Pravilna — Texas, United States of America
Topic: "AnastasiaDate.com Scammed me out of thousands of dollars in chat and email charges, never showed up."

I wrote 60 pay to write and recieved a similar number of pay to read letters to someone purporting to be Juliya Igorevna Nastych, total cost $1, 000. Also chatted about one hour per day for one month, cost $1, 800. The person I was talking to seemed warm and affectionate, honest and kind. Nothing could be further from the truth as it turned out. She invited me to spend two weeks in Odessa Ukraine, so I traveled there in January 2012, cost of airfare and hotel $5, 000. I also lost two weeks wages because I took unpaid vacation leave.

On my arrival there she refused to meet me, to answer the phone, or explain why she suddenly changed her mind. It was -20 degrees C which made it quite an unpleasant experience apart from being ripped off.

There were many red flags which suggested a scam was in operation but I didn't put it all together till the end.

Warning signs were:

1) She refused to give me her private email saying she did not have access to email.

2) She spoke to me once on the phone through an interpreter, then after that stated that her phone didn't work (she blocked me)

3) I had a friend from Ukraine call her and leave a message. She blocked my friend after that.

I complained to the Anastasiadate.com and after a lot of run arounds was told I should have paid $70 to guarantee my date. That service is only available if you arrive on a tour arranged by Anastasiadate.com by the way.

Anastasiadate management were completely unhelpful in resolving this issue.

My analysis indicates that Anastasiadate paid Juliya to talk to me..."

LET'S READ THAT OVER ONE MORE TIME: "My analysis indicates that Anastasiadate paid Juliya to talk to me"

Here are the words from the very mouth of someone who has to change their tune now realizing the hard way that I was RIGHT all along. Below is a picture of the woman who scammed Pravilna named: Juliya Igorevna Nastych

Here also is another real complaint

Here is a real complaint

Anastasiadate.com Court Threats!

If Anastasiadate.com (also known as anastasiaweb.com and anastasia-international.com) then why threaten to take to court the owner of a reputable antiscam site named Saul Hudson who exposed their activities. This is what he says from antiscam.net:

"Of course we are aware of Anastasia.web and have been for many years. They have threatened us with legal action on a number of occasions but, since going to court would involve their business practices being exposed it is one area they really want to stay well away from"

So when they say they are free from fraud you know they are completely lying

One review site dating-services-review.net says about anastasiadate.com:

"The main problem with Anastasia's style of practice involves their "letters of introduction." Many people have reported being scammed due to this system. The risk is that a woman will write an introduction letter intended for a very broad and simple type of man, then that letter will be sent to many different men in hopes of persuading them to respond. If someone responds, AnastasiaDate.com makes money. If all of them respond, Anastasia Date makes even more money. Hence, the possibility of a scam."

Note the words well: "Hence the Possibility of a scam"


Anastasiadate.com is indeed a SCAM

The Exposer-Revealer
Mar 14, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

Yo-John Dennison-What's up?
Dude, I see little children still need help in spelling well... So I will go very slowly. My name begins with an "E" and Truth's name begins with a "T' I know of a good site for little children to get help with their spelling if one needs to find one plus I think they also throw in a dictionary for free. Thank you for being a good little child and that's the end of the class.

Mar 21, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

Anastasiadate.com Scammer

Here is a picture of another scammer who appeared in 2010 as a prochatter an Anastasiadate.com but then disappeared from the site. Fortunately her picture from the site was saved and then when one did research on her picture from anastasiadate.com it was found on an antiscam site. Her name is Victoria Tkachenko from Lugansk in Ukraine. See the Link.

Link: http://www.stop-scammers.com/scammer.asp?id=2499

Check it Out

Mar 21, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

Anastasiadate.com Scammer (2)

Here again is another picture of the Scammer found on anastasiadate.com. This is the actual picture that was saved from the anastasiadate site in 2010.

Scammer: Victoria Tkachenko
Location: Lugansk
Found: Anastasiadate.com in the year 2010

bongo king
Apr 23, 2012

nobody cares of what's going on there

This agency doesn't care of people who are placing their information! I met a girl Eugene and I really liked her but then It appeared that she's married and has kids and agency still allowed her to place her information! My hears is broken...
It's very bad to treat people like this.

hot dodge
May 22, 2012


i would like to say i have been on 2 tours with anastasiadate.Let me tell you people something.99% of the women are very genuine.I have met a beautiful lady on both tours that i attended.Now the second lady i have met is coming to visit me in canada this summer.
You have be aware of your surroundings at all times. If this kind of thing happend in your own city would you be this upset.Most people in ukraine are very poor.But they are extremely smart people as well. Hello folks there are bad people all over the world and now you think that anastasia is responsible for some of these bad people.
Anastasia has a busniess of men going to Ukraine and other parts of the world to meet with ladies.its up to you frikin morons to pick out a good lady to be compatible with you.They only offer a service and a safe place to meet with these ladies in nice clubs.They only offer nice hotels to stay at while your abroad. Please people wake up.
I have been twice with anastasia and the staff abroad have been extremely pleasant to me.Maybe because im Canadian Eh

Oct 19, 2012

this person is a liar, you'd better avoid any dates with her!

This lady is a scam! Beware and don't do any dates with her! She lied about herself and finally stole my wallet. Now I can't find her because she gave fake information! Beware and stay away!

Graham Rowe
Apr 9, 2013

Customer Service 24/7

AnastasiaDate’s Anti-Scam Policy

AnastasiaDate Leads the Fight for Scam Protection
It’s not by chance that AnastasiaDate has become the world's leading Russian-American Introduction Agency. For over fifteen years AnastasiaDate’s constant commitment to honesty, integrity and hard work on behalf of her members has allowed the industry to raise its standards. The history of AnastasiaDate has been one of providing clients with genuine, valuable service in the face of other less scrupulous Russian dating agencies whose iniquity tarnishes the reputation of all.

AnastasiaDate is the first and only agency to tackle the issues of internet dating fraud and anti-scam head-on. There are other Russian singles and mail order brides agencies that conduct honest business. However, in the online introductions industry simple honesty isn’t enough to make a real difference to the consumer with regards to dating fraud. Industry professionals must be proactive and fight scam directly, and here's why:

No agency is an island, and no mail order bride agency can operate independently. All major agencies depend on networks of dozens, (or in the case of AnastasiaDate over a thousand) smaller dating agencies to register ladies (Russian women and Ukraine women), perform services for members, and fight scam. Whenever a consumer deals with any given Russian or Ukraine brides agency they should keep in mind that their agency depends on numerous other affiliated agencies for scam and internet fraud protection.

If other Russian ladies’ agencies are less scrupulous (scammers), or if a particular Russian or Ukraine woman is disingenuous, the client suffers regardless of the integrity of their home mail order brides agency. Following this, a particular agency simply "being honest" is not enough to protect consumers. What is required is vigilance supported by forceful action against scam. Such attention is the pillar of AnastasiaDate scam and anti-scam operation.

AnastasiaDate scam and anti-scam unit has spent over a million dollars implementing an industry-wide business system designed to ferret out less than honest agencies suspected of internet dating scams while helping upright and trustworthy agencies prosper. Creating this comprehensive anti-scam watchdog system to protect and serve our members is a Herculean task as well as a significant financial investment. But AnastasiaDate’s scam and anti-scam operation firmly believes that the long term survival of our industry depends on stepping up to enforce discipline against dating fraud on the industry level. At the heart of the AnastasiaDate’s scam and anti-scam unit’s success is the protection she provides her members by establishing and asserting an ethical standard on the numerous Eastern European affiliate partners she deals with.

Internet Dating Fraud Protection
No other company has come close to investing the energy, time and resources necessary to create a system that obliges participating agencies to operate by strict U.S. business standards and the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA). Anastasia is the only Russian dating company in the industry to even attempt a consumer protection campaign of this magnitude to combat internet dating fraud and scam.

Anastasia scam and anti-scam unit is the only agency that maintains a full time anti-scam staff specifically devoted to checking correspondence for fraudulent activity and reacting to reports of suspicious correspondence and internet dating fraud.
All single Russian women who register on Anastasia are personally contacted by Anastasia scam and anti-scam staff to verify their identity and contact information, and to confirm that (1) the Russian or Ukrainian woman exists, (2) she knows and understands that she is a part of Anastasia’s system and (3) she is interested in finding an American or European husband and (4) understands the terms of her participation.
No other Russian dating agency comprehensively validates the identity of each and every woman on their site. Every other mail order bride agency in this industry, including Anastasia’s major competitors, rely on local agencies to establish their ladies' identities.
When issues of possible fraudulent or inappropriate activity arise on her web site, Anastasia scam and anti-scam unit launches a quick and thorough investigation, documents all findings concerning possible internet dating fraud, takes appropriate action and reports to her members.
In all cases where improper or dishonest behavior is found, Anastasia scam and anti-scam unit removes the Russian or Ukraine lady from her system, fines the lady’s agency and issues a refund to her member.
Second or third offenses by an internet dating agency are fined more severely.
A fourth offense results in the mail order brides agency being permanently removed from Anastasia’s system.
The evolution of the international dating industry bears significant relevance to today’s situation. The industry was founded by dozens of small, family owned agencies helping Western men meet Russian girls and Ukraine girls via postal mail correspondence. In those days, the small agencies in Eastern Europe existed by selling addresses of their local ladies to Western owned agencies who then sold them to their clients. With the advent of email correspondence sites, these Russian ladies' addresses (the bread and butter of the small local agencies) became worthless almost overnight. The days of agencies simply selling the same information again and again became passé.

Subsequently, in order to survive, small Russian dating agencies are required to contact ladies to ensure that they are reading and responding to their email. Essentially they must now actually work for their living instead of selling static data on Russian women over and over. The transition to electronic marketing and correspondence has opened new opportunities for growth but also exposes avenues for potential corruption. So from the beginning Anastasia’s attitude toward small agencies has been simple: Anyone who tries to scam our clients is scamming us. We will react to this with great consequence to those proven guilty.

Most Russian dating agencies see this scenario as a positive change and an opportunity to professionalize and grow. There are numerous participating agencies that flourish within this system and open additional offices in multiple cities. These are the agencies for single Russian women that Anastasia supports, and we applaud the great strides and progress they have made.

An Educated Consumer
Correspondence with a potential Russian bride is a very valuable and potent tool. However it’s but the first in a series of steps towards a face to face meeting with a possible partner. All the advanced technology Anastasia employs on behalf of her members - correspondence, phone calls, video chat, etc…are preludes to the ultimate litmus test one must take in order to find a Russian or Ukraine woman as a mate. Ultimately, one must go there oneself in order to determine if any one of several Russian women they have connected with are suitable partners.

You must meet your would be Russian bride face to face and spend time with them in person in order to determine suitability to include them in your life, and for them to decide to include you in theirs.

The standard procedure for both Western men and Russian mail order brides when beginning correspondence is to list a brief description of themselves on a Russian dating website. Included is usually a personable, general introductory letter wherein they describe themselves and their life in modest detail together with what they are looking for in a mate. Men send copies of their introductory letters to many Russian women, and Russian girls send theirs to numerous men. Once both people have a better idea of who they are dealing with they decide to begin personal correspondence. At this stage more pertinent questions are asked of potential partners once the field narrows.

This procedure has been standard for everyone since the international dating industry began, whether the correspondence is by snail-mail or email.

Russian and Ukraine women’s agencies that perform match-making services in addition to simply providing introductions are considered more proactive about the process. These agencies take the further step of searching through databases for their clients and sending introductory letters to perspective matches who meet members criteria.

Anastasia’s email forwarding system links men in America and around the world with Russian and Ukrainian girls who are represented by over 1000 local internet dating agencies.

Local Russian and Ukraine women’s agencies join Anastasia’s network on a separate Russian language website where they list ladies from their own sites. Some agencies perform matchmaking services for their ladies by looking through our database of men and forwarding a lady's introductory letter to them through Anastasia. This is considered a proper and wholly ethical matchmaking service performed for the ladies and men on Anastasia’s system. Anastasia and the International Marriage Brokers Regulatory Act (IMBRA) do not consider this practice to be internet dating fraud or a dating scam. However, should an agency write further letters "on behalf" of the lady, after the Introductory Letter, this is certainly objectionable to which Anastasia will take action.

Consumers are sometimes under the mistaken impression that if a Russian or Ukraine girl’s photo and profile is on an agency's website means the agency vouches for the woman, for her character and trustworthiness. This is simply not true. No company can vouch for the character of any man or woman using their services, and no self respecting agency in the business, including Anastasia, will make that declaration.

The only measures a forthright agency can take is exactly what Anastasia does; keep a vigilant eye out and aggressively react to inappropriate behavior and possible internet dating scam scenarios when they come to her attention. The response of any professional organization should invariably be to investigate all reports, come to a clear determination of the facts, document the findings in detail, and if there is a problem, resolve it. In the case of a misunderstanding a reputable Russian dating agency will make the facts clear. If fraud is found, they should refund a member’s fees and insure that the perpetrators are removed from their system.

This is precisely Anastasia’s approach. She does it every single day and strongly urges her members to immediately report anything that seems suspect in their correspondence. Anastasia will immediately look into the issue, speak with all parties involved and take appropriate action to protect her members best interests

It’s impossible for any Russian dating agency to anticipate and prevent all instances of internet dating fraud or web scam. However, Anastasia has made significant progress by screening and monitoring both it’s Russian dating affiliates and ladies who register on her site. As a result, Anastasia has been successful to a large degree in sorting out undesirables and possible scammers from this industry.

To put the scale of the problem in perspective, Anastasia has approximately 400,000 pieces of email moving through our system every week with from 20-30 complaints about suspicious activity that may involve internet dating fraud. About half of those cases turn out to be misunderstandings or situations where gentlemen have unrealistic expectations from the system.

Running an email-based correspondence system such as Anastasia’s is a highly complex task. This is why Anastasia’s is the only company that has been able to be effective and deliver for her members time and again.

Jun 19, 2013

Anastasia propaganda

Anasasia puts out a good line but it's in the follow-up and the hoaxes and scamming by the ladies that the 'rubber meets the road'.

Steer clear fellows!

The majority of Anasasia ladies I met (or didn't meet since several--33%-- didn't show for real dates in their city) had pretty full agendas that were very light on the follow-up or getting back to me if they couldn't make it, such as not being in the country when I traveled over 6,999 miles to meet two at different times & trips at considerable expense!

You'll notice there are few if any glowing successes or recent compliments mentioned by clients on anasasia's site. Where are the satisfied customers? They would publicize them if there were any...what you see is a very profitable scam site selling women's intentions, very attractive, well-dressed, and modeled torsos, and talents, only...where are they in their own country?.

There is One Major Requirement Here-your naivete and spare cash to donate to a rich individual!

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