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Consumer reviews about Allbobbleheads.com

heroic activity
Apr 10, 2012

scammed me

I ordered a bobble-head from them. They charged me an extra fee for a slogan and a guitar to be added to my bobblehead. The order wasn't coming so I called them, they said the order's coming from Asia that's why it takes so long. 2 month later I called them and they said they have no record of my order! What a scam!

Apr 27, 2012


Do NOT buy a bobble head from this company! Don't waste your money on a groupon! I ordered a bobble head on 3.15.12. I even paid $25 extra for quicker shipping. I uploaded the pictures, as requested. Today, 4.27.12, I decided to give them a call to check the status of my order. I was told that there was a broken link in the pictures that I sent and the pictures were no good. Come on, I had to call them to find out this information??? 6 weeks later???? They charged my credit card immediately.

Apr 30, 2012


DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!! You'll basically be throwing your money away!

I ordered several Groupons and placed my order on 1/31/12 for 3 bobbleheads. The terms indicate the bobbleheads would be delivered within 12 weeks, but I would be receiving email updates or access the status of the order through their proofing system. The only email ever sent by the company was the order confirmation. The status update link provided showed me that the company had done nothing. There were no kind of updates or notes about my orders. I emailed allbobbleheads.com regarding my order and received no response. Finally 14 weeks of waiting and I had to email Groupon for a refund...which is still pending.

Apr 30, 2012

never buy bobble heads from them

I ordered bobble head from them and even paid 25 dolalrs for extra quick delievery. 6 weeks later I called them and they said the link for the pictures I sent them was broken. I had to call myself to find out about this!!! What nerve!

May 8, 2012

You cannot be passive if you want what you paid for

I ordered from these people in January. It is now May 8 and I have one doll of a two doll order. It has taken six angry emails and two phone calls to get this far. When I asked what the deal was that was taking so long, they replied that my images were "broken", and they could not see them. If this were the case they could have fixed this problem during week one, not during week 10. I received the first doll at the very end of 12 weeks after ordering. It was constructed well and was intact, but I wish they would've found someone in China that could paint within the lines. I am still waiting on the second doll and it's been almost four months waiting time. I'm having them redo a portion of it. I hope when I receive it it is in tact and looks good. Although they replied immediately to my emails, it was a pain in the behind to get them to move. I am one of the most amiable people in the world. They made me feel like an angry, nagging customer which is against my nature. I would not deal with this headache of a company again if they paid me.

Jun 17, 2012

Never buy from them you will cry for money

I purchased through Groupon and now its been 4 months and I have no idea where my order is , they have worst customer care , No body replies to emails or phone calls , this company should be banned from looting money.

Kelly Montha
Jun 18, 2012


They take the money to provide a prototype and that’s it. You won’t be able to contact them in any way. They just won’t answer. So it’s just a waste of money and time, since you won’t be able to get them do a normal job. Stay away if you don’t want to deal with fraudsters!

Clara Rest
Jun 21, 2012

this company doesn't honour their own guarantee

I purchased an item from them more than 6 months ago and I still haven't receive it. I called them many times but they did nothing, according to their delivery guarantee I should receive my order in two months. They don't want to do anything to solve this problem. Pure scam, don't buy from them!

Jun 29, 2012

I wish I have read the reviews before I buy them

I ordered 2 dolls from allbobbleheads.com in mid Jan 2012.
First of all, today is 6/29 2012 and I still have not received my orders yet.
They are still WORKING on color proofs now.
I sent them pictures of my husband and myself for the dolls and they look NOTHING NOTHING like us at all.
We are asians and the dolls look like european couples with black hair.
I have short hair and in the pictures they sent me for proofs, my doll has a long hair. I don't know where they got it from.
I replied back to them complaining about the length of my hair, no answer.

Jul 24, 2012

Another Bobblehead victim

Slow service, had to repeatedly email them and demand responses. When I got the proof doll photo I told them I wanted the beard shortened to a short goatee. The photo of my husband clearly showed that the hair on his face was cut close to his skin. I had to email over and over to get this product delivered and when I finally got it, it was the doll I disapproved.

Trying to get them to replace it, and they refuse to do so unless I break the doll I have and send them a photo. I agreed to do that when they sent me proof of shipment of the replacement doll so I have it for the event I need it for.

They refuse to work with me even though they are the ones that screwed up the doll.

NEVER AGAIN@!!!!! Too bad GROUPON didn't vette this company better.

Sep 5, 2012


Bought 2 on groupon! After so many phone calls!! So many emails! After 6 months! I still haven't received!
I will strongly suggest NOT to buy from AllBobbleheads.com!! They selling a groupon discount coupon! And the bobblehead will not ship to you!! Maybe after a year? Hope I will receive mine after 8 months.... or 1 year!

AllBobbleheads.com is 100% SCAM! Thanks to GROUPON!!

mathew t
Sep 7, 2012



Oct 25, 2012

unauthorized charges

I found an unauthorized charge in my bank statement which was made by this company. I never deal with them so I wrote them about this wrong charge. They never replied to me and never refunded money so I had to use bank services to cancel this charge. Beware and be careful!

Nov 29, 2012

Owner Refused My Order & Cussed Me Out

------------- HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE -------------

ALLBOBBLEHEADS.COM Falsely advertised, Charged Double, Owner Refused to Honor Order Terms

------------- HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE -------------

Michael, the owner of Allbobbleheads.com (or an individual that represented himself as the owner) refused to honor the terms of a deal I already purchased from a nomorerack.com (a social media/advertising site). After making the purchase for $60, Allbobbleheads.com attempted to charge me an additional $100 for the purchase, and another $75 to guarantee 2 week delivery.

Michael refused to honor the commitments of his advertisement, stating I had to take it up with the social media site.

He also did not understand that customer service takes place before the sale as well.

He was extremely rude and unprofessional, and indicated that he had 22 thousand orders, so he did not care about mine.


------------- HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE -------------

enough already
Dec 1, 2012

bobblehead not finished as ordered

My bobblehead came with the wrong eye color, and many pin holes on the head around the ears and throughout the hair. I denied the proofs six times because they could not paint the clothes as they pictured in their product. They said that was the last change they could make. They did answer me through their customer service email. I got the bobblehead in about 2 months, delayed because of all the changes that were done. I ended up repainting the body myself. Plus the base had uneven gobs in the paint. I had purchased through a groupon and paid extra for some lettering. I feel even with this discount, that it was way overpriced for the shoddy work that came back.

Oct 2, 2013

Return and pricing

I purchased a Vino2go off of Halfoffdepot.com, which was being sold by allbobbleheads.com a few weeks ago. They advertised it at a retail price of $35, and sold it for $16. Thinking that I was getting it half off, I purchased it. It was just a few days later that I saw that it was actually not marked down at all based on this website, http://shop.wine-dweller.com/WINE-2-GO-Tumblers_c13.htm. I emailed half off and they said to contact the company directly, so I did. Customer Service asked for the websites where I saw the cups cheaper, so I sent them that link, along with these links from






They still stated that theres was cheaper, since shipping was included but I do not understand how that can be the case when you can purchase 2 from Amazon for just 2 dollars more than what they charged. What I find to be the most frustrating though, is that this is not even something that is even offered to purchase on their website, and I have yet to see if sold for $35 anywhere. I wanted to put a complaint on their website, but apparently that is not possible, so I chose to complain here, because people need to be aware of this company and how they handle their business.

Dec 11, 2013


I placed the order with a groupon I had purchased, after designing my doll I was charged an additional $75.. I thought the idea was cute and would make a great gift. I submitted the pictures and a few days later received the prototype photos... I am not sure if they are looking at the right pictures I sent them but the prototype was of an old bald fat man. My boyfriend is young, thin,handsome with a full head of hair. I replied that there must be a mistake because there is absolutely no resemblance to the photos I sent. The want me to specify, thinner face more hair , less This more that, anyway, 10 to 15 emails later they still have not even gotten it close; not to mention they will not accept any of the other photos I have submitted because " it may confuse the artist!" This company is truly not who or what the advertise to be. I have been so frustrated and annoyed dealing with these people... I would not recommend this company to ANYONE!! Stay away from ALLBOBBLEHEADS.com!!

Apr 3, 2015

Count me in as being duped.

I saw these on groupon and, thinking they were adorable, ordered a bobblehead couple of my in-laws who love gifts like that. It has been nothing short of a nightmare since. I sent pictures and was sent back proofs that were ridiculously unlike the couple in the photograph. When I created my long list of needed revisions, I went to the link given by the company, and it stated that the proofs had been approved. NOT! I then emailed the company and did get a speedy response from a person who told me I must have accidentally approved it because they do not approve it on their end. She informed me that the proofs had already been sent to the company in China and that she was doubtful they could be stopped to which I replied that they should toss them, and I would eat the costs because they were so bad. She let me know that was not possible. :)

Then she did email me again to let me know that she had everything stopped and that I should send revisions. I did. I swear it looked like nothing had been changed when I was resent the proofs. We've gone back and forth many times, and I am believing it is a language problem. I say curls, and the artist does waves.

I get yelled at through email because apparently, I am not allowed to tell the artist what he did wrong. I can only state what additions I want made. Honestly! "Artist" is a lofty term, trust me.

Steer clear of this company. I wish I had.

Jun 19, 2015

Got insulted my CS rep

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. I tried to contact them about my order, and after the refused to help me out, and after further questioning, they ended up insulting me on top of everything else. I too bought the Groupon, and they tried to charge me an extra $60 as well.

I WILL NOT GIVE THEM ANOTHER $60, so I AM EATING THE PRICE OF THE GROUPON, since Groupon is just as bad a company, and is refusing to refund my purchase.


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