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Consumer reviews about AARP

Victoria Minarik
Jan 12, 2012

Travel Bag

I joined AARP because they offered a free travel bag if I joined. The picture of the bag showed a banana, a fruit drink in a large plastic bottle, a candy bar and some mail that the bag was holding. Plus there was a set of keys attached to the bag. So all in all I'm thinking that the bag should be average travel bag size. But since I haven't ever received the bag yet, i got on their site and started reading some of the complaints from other people about the same thing. But they got their bag. But they said that the bag was not travel size at all. It was very small. Maybe enough room to hold a pack of cigarettes. That to me is false advertisement. Anyways, I would appreciate if you would send me the promo travel bag a.s.a.p. please!!!

Jan 13, 2012

taking money

thts the insurance company not AARP itself

Jan 18, 2012

Travel Bag

I understand that the bag was free. However, that being said, once mine came I had to go back to the Aarp site to even figure out what it was. Mine looks NOTHING like the picture. There is one outside compartment and it is bright red. I have NO idea how it would be useful for anything when you are traveling. Looks like something somebody could grab away from you. I certainly wouldn't put in my passport, etc.

Jan 24, 2012

Travel Bag

I am a tour director for a coach line, and I would LOVE to have that bag. Anyone offering freebies? I'm trying to contact AARP and see if they have any more. It would be perfect for my job!! Barb

Jan 24, 2012

Travel Bag

I just received my bag after thinking it only went to those joining and not renewing membership as I had done...
I wanted to find a picture of it to know how it was "presented" and for what use exactly because it is smaller than I remember it. Mine has an insulated "larger" compartment, with drawstring closure capability (maybe for a bottle of water and fruit...?) and then there's a smaller velcroed compartment on the outside of the larger one (maybe for cell phone and/or sun/reading glasses...?), an adjustable strap and a metal clip (for keys?)... I still can't think of a use for it, but I will - it was a "gift" after all - thank you - and as the saying goes...

Feb 8, 2012

Travel Bag

At least you all received a bag. I signed up for a 5 year membership. Continue to get solicitations to join and NEVER received a travel bag. Can't find a customer service number. When my membership expires, i will not renew. I can use my AAA card for discounts.

Mar 5, 2012

Travel Bag

I don't understand all of the complaints about this bag -- the promotional leaflet clearly shows its size. There are car keys, a banana, a pen, etc. clearly pictured. It's a small bag intended to carry small things, and it hasn't been misrepresented.. "Insulated Travel Bag" hardly means a 21 inch rollaboard!! And it's free, so to call it "false advertising" or intended to "dupe" people or to expect a "3 foot high" bag doesn't make sense.

Mar 7, 2012

Travel Bag

Apparently AARP has been sending this crappy little good for nothing bag for a long time (looks like the complaints started in 2009 on here). The bag in the photo shows a bag with 3 zippered pockets and a large AARP logo on the bottom pocket. I renewed my membership only to receive an insulated miniature bag that as others have said, isn't good for much of anything, and they had the balls to send me my membership card with ANOTHER offer for the zippered bag when you give a gift membership. I emailed them a nice email asking for a replacement as I'd thought they'd shipped out the wrong one. Never heard back from them. They sent me renewal notices I don't know how many times per year when I was only a member for one year several years ago. I shouldn't have fallen for the ad, but I did because nowhere on it did it say anything about them having the option to replace the bag with a similar item at their discretion. I like their magazine, but I'm not happy with the way they communicate things to their CUSTOMERS.

Mar 27, 2012

Travel Bag

It appears to me that there have been different bags represented in different media, i.e., TV, print and on-line.
Everything from a small wheeled carry-on type bag, back-pack type bag, grocery tote bag and two different bags called travel bags (small insulated red bag with draw string & black passport/cell phone/wallet bag).
I actually connected via phone with customer service to make my request for a bag and still was confused by what I was going to receive. Descriptions and dimensions of the items offered were not clear. I must admit that I should not complain that the item I received was not what I expected. After all, it was FREE. For those of us who may have thought about joining AARP and finally decided to join because we thought there was a freebee bonus to do so, a valuable lesson has been learned or relearned. I only joined for one year and will have that time to see if there will be any tangible benefit to continue membership beyond that.

Mar 27, 2012

Travel Bag

The only benefit to joining AARP is that on Tuesdays you get 10% off at Michael's and from 40-10pm you get 20% off at Denny's. Woopie. Not impressed. Still no response from AARP to my earlier request for the blue zippered bag instead of the insulated one that I have no use for. I typically don't look a gift horse in the mouth when I get freebies, but when they don't even respond to your questions I can only presume that the lack of customer service must be their one strong point. I'll not renew my subscription with them for anything and will gather every piece of junk mail I receive (whether it's from them or not) and put it in their postage paid envelopes and send it back to them from now on.

Mar 27, 2012

Travel Bag

I was going to subscribe to AARP but I will NOT now because of what was written about the insulated travel bag. I guess it should be called an insult travel bag. AARP should know that you can only make one first impression and they messed up with this offer.

Mar 27, 2012

Travel Bag

I was going to subscribe to AARP but I will NOT now because of what was written about the insulated travel bag. I guess it should be called an "insult travel bag". AARP should know that you can only make one first impression and they messed up with this offer.

Mar 29, 2012

Travel Bag

Well, after a couple of weeks of waiting for a response, I did finally receive an apology email from AARP regarding the incorrect travel bag. The email said they would send it in the next four weeks. The email I received is below. (I suggest to anyone who received the incorrect bag that you send an email to the email address below.

Thank you for contacting AARP. We appreciate hearing from you.

We have mailed the AARP Travel Pack you requested. You will receive
it within the next four weeks.

Thank you again for contacting us. Please accept our apologies for
the delay in getting back to you. It has been our pleasure to assist

Member Communications

May 21, 2012

Promotional Item Not Received

I joined AARP on February 16th 2012 for 5 years. At that time I paid the $63.00 and was promise to receive the full size Red Back Pack, which was the promotional gift in 6 weeks. On May 9th 2012 I called to inquire why I hadn't receive my gift. The customer service rep apologized and sent in another request for my back pack.

Today, I get this package in mail from AARP with this red sandwich bag inside. I don't know that is but it's not the promotional item that I was promised.I want what I was promised and I do not want to wait another 6 weeks to receive it. What kind of SCAM is going on here. Is this how you recruit customers--promising fantasic promotional items that you can't deliver?

Ms. B Jones

Dec 10, 2012

waste of time and money, absolutely useless membership

This auto club is absolutely useless, beware and better stay away. It is just a waste of money! I had a problem on the road and I contacted them and none of the companies didn't come and help me.

Jan 28, 2015

free travel bag

i have received the travel bag and want to know wher it is i received a small size bag maybe capable of carrying a hi-c juice box where are the zippers and pockets that were pictured in your add and aarp logo this is very deceptive to the consumer because it can lead to very many suscribers not to resign up i would like the merchandise to be sent immediately or i beleive a suitable replacement of the travel bag be sent you can contact me at e-mail j.lincoln@yahoo.com if you have time thank you i will be waiting for it to arrive in a timely manner john lincoln 193 chestnut streer marlborough massachuseaaes 01752

Apr 12, 2015


i never got a free gift on membership thur the years. i have renew and was to get a travel bag to carry and never got it. it looks like a packpack in red what happen to it please sent what you promise for renew since i never got nothong before. i like to get this packpack for travel.

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